If the world would end…

If the world would end by V-Light Photography
05.06.2016 | Augartenbrücke, Vienna, Austria


Hello my lovely people!😀

  The crazy weather, still reigns here in Vienna but i can’t complain…I got some very special skies to photograph and that makes me happy of course! Getting wet was only a minor detail, i was still running around with a huge grin on my face!😉 Would it be weird if i wished for more weather like this?

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Raiffeisen Tower Panorama

Raiffeisen Tower Panorama by V-Light Photography
16.05.2016 | Raiffeisen Tower Panorama, Vienna, Austria


Hello hello my lovely people!😀

  How have you been doing? I’m finally enjoying myself more and finding my passion for photography again! My internship is going very well, i’m finally getting to do more creative stuff!

  The weather here has been a bit crazy but that always results in amazing skies, V-Light skies as people who know me always say…hehe!😀 This panorama is exactly what i’m talking about!

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Maria vom Siege

Maria vom Siege by V-Light Photography
07.09.2015 | Maria vom Siege, Vienna, Austria


Hello dear friends,

  Maria vom Siege (“Mary of the Victory”) is one of the most overlooked churches in Vienna. Located in the 15th district, not faraway from the train station Westbahnhof, the area is not exactly a tourist magnet but in my eyes it’s still a very beautiful building that’s worth visiting. When i took this photo there were some restorations going on but they should be done by now! More photos coming up😉 Happy weekend you all!

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Spittelau II

Spittelau waste incineration plant, Vienna, Austria
26.06.2015 | Spittelau waste incineration plant, Vienna, Austria


Hello again my friends!😀

  Here’s one more photo of the Spittelau waste incineration plant with some interesting details on the wall in front…Hehe!😛 What i also found interesting, is that the chimney was not active but the sky does look like smoke that’s coming out of it, doesn’t it? I also love all the blue elements that co-exist in this frame! Will be happy to read your comments and wishing you all a super awesome weekend! Alex out😄

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Spittelau I

Spittelau I by V-Light Photography
26.06.2015 | Spittelau waste incineration plant, Vienna, Austria


Hello my lovely people,

  Last week of the Web Design module is here!😄 I have no idea what the next week will bring in terms of the internship but i know i will have less hours and that means more time for me and my photography!😀 I’m super excited!

  Here’s a photo from last summer again, the Spittelau waste incineration plant against a lovely dramatic sky! Love them clouds!❤ The façade of the building was redesigned by eco-architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser after a major fire in 1989, giving it this unique and colorful appearance. It’s definitely an eye-catcher!

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Reflections of Karlskirche and last summer

Reflections of Karlskirche and last summer by V-Light Photography
26.06.2015 | Karlskirche, Vienna, Austria


Hello my dear friends,

  Spring is here and i hope you are all having a beautiful time. My sympathies go to all the people with allergies! I had very little time with my studies to take photos of the flowers and the bees but i will make a spring post before summer comes😛 That’s a realistic goal i think!

  But kidding aside, in 2 weeks time, the web-design module will be done!!! And that means going back to the regular 7:30-15:00 schedule, rather than the brutal 7:30-16:30, and constant migraines from 9 hours sitting in front of a computer screen! The next 4 months will be some kind of internship, practicing all the things we learned and also doing our own projects! I really look forward to that! I need to get back on track with my things and do what i love asap!🙂 I need to get my creative juices running again!

  If not now, when? When everything is blooming and so much new energy and possibilities are around, i say the time is now!😉


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When worlds collide…

When worlds collide by V-Light Photography
21.07.2015 | Gasometer, Vienna, Austria


   Everything is falling into the sun…

one side is the obvious and the real

the other is made out of reflections and fragments of reality

that stand on true foundations still.

Both sides are burning, yearning to feel the same

mirroring each other

they communicate much more than the eye can see.

Only way you can understand it

is to let go of what you think you knew

and let your heart feel the glory

without bounds, without fear.


Hello dear friends,

  It’s been the most weird and but also beautiful time for me.  The longer study times (7:30 until 16:30) during the very intensive Web-Design module, are exhausting, especially for a very active person like me, who is forced to sit in front of a computer the whole day, i’m turning into a zombie couch-potato. P.s. we don’t even have an internet connection there, so no side-browsing or time to check social media, etc! This whole thing has been taking toll in many aspects of my life but i’m still thankful that i can learn so many new things that will definitely help me progress.

  My photography has been temporarily put on the back burner again, my personal life and my well being need to come first but do not fear, i will keep coming back again. This blog and the lovely community here mean too much to me, so even if i wander away for some time i will always find my way back.^^’

  Hope you are all doing well! Sending all my love from the sunny but cold Vienna…Waiting for the spring to come😀

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