It’s been a little more than two years since the whole inspiration about V-Light started. When i woke up on 1/1/11…everything felt different…I suddenly knew what i was supposed to do and i was so driven to make things happen…So i chose the best photos i had taken since 2005…and re-edited all of them…I felt so happy looking at my work as it was taking a new life…
Then came the idea to make a video…A slideshow to showcase some of these photos. Considering the fact that i was very shy, this video was a huge step for me, since i decided that i should finally show my face and tell the world all about me…

  I still remember how nervous i was the day i uploaded the video on YouTube and shared it on my Facebook page…I was shaking…This was something totally new for me…In just a few hours the video reached more than 300 views…and so many of my friends shared it and left very nice comments. Even people i didn’t know…I was very happy…It was a very strong beginning for my new persona…I had so many ideas…so much inspiration…

  But sometimes things don’t go as you want them…I planned to make more videos…but didn’t get the chance to, since i couldn’t buy a new dslr camera and mine at the time could only record video through a hack and had to be connected to a pc…and still couldn’t record sound…That left me with my room, as the only place that i could make a video…and that was not what i had in mind…I’m a perfectionist to the core so i didn’t want to settle for anything less than what i had imagined. I made a few tries…even borrowed a friend’s camera…but again inspiration cannot be forced…See when you are inspired to do something…it’s almost as you have an invisible hand behind you, pushing you to go forward and at the same time clearing all the obstacles in front of you… But when you force it…it’s like trying to walk at the bottom of the sea, where you’ve thrown yourself…with concrete on your feet…

  Looking back, i’m really happy with what i did in the past two years…but i know i can do so much more…So my promise “stay tuned, cause this is just the beginning”…is still on…and i know that sooner or later i’ll be able to make things happen…the way i want them.

  Update: I had originally written this about a year ago…Things do change for the better and now i have what i need to make the videos i always wanted. I’m already working on more than 3 videos. Learning After Effects and Premiere Pro, reading all about cinematography and everything that could help me improve and get the results i envisioned. Inspiration is back and strong, which is the reason why i made this new website-blog. I’d love it if you’d follow me on this trip and see where it’ll take us…

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