Nature’s Canvas

Beautiful view near Prespes, Greece | 2010
Beautiful view in Prespes, Greece | 2010


  The shores of Mikri Prespa, with thick reeds, host pelicans, wild ducks and many other species of rare birds. In total more than 200 species have been observed at the lakes and the surrounding forest. Too bad when i visited this place back in 2010, i had no telephoto lens and no time to actually take more photos. It’s certainly a place worth visiting again…

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9 thoughts on “Nature’s Canvas

    1. Thank you 🙂 It’s a beautiful place indeed, too bad i was just passing through and had to beg my friend to stop for a minute so i can take a photo. Do you have any other photos except from the Kefalonia folder? I had already seen those and had liked your post 🙂

      1. Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately, all my other photos were made years ago with a non-digital camera. So I cannot post them. But I will post some new photos from Kefalonia. Maybe next year we will go to Evia.
        Regards Mitza

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