One month on

  About a month ago i decided that it was time to have my own website. I bought my domain and was searching about the possible hosting places. I decided to go with, as i liked the fact that it offers hosting and still works as a blogging and sharing platform and not only as a website. It was one of the best decisions i’ve ever made.

  My experience so far has been very positive. It’s been nice to search through my folders and choose my favorite photos, re-edit some of them and share them with you all. Very quickly i gained a few followers, received many comments and found people really worth following back too 🙂 Over the years, i’ve shared my photos on facebook, deviant art, tumblr…etc…but nothing can compare to this. I feel like a whole new world has been opened up for me. I feel more inspired and motivated. It’s fun to write the stories behind my photos, share my thoughts and hear back from people. What i appreciate the most, are the really thoughtful comments i receive, not just the plain “nice photo” type of comment, which is fine, i do that all the time too but i feel that it’s a really good exercise to actually write why you like a photo, what does it make you feel, why do you think it works. Negative comments are also welcome when they can actually support what they don’t like and why. Being an introvert person, my photography was always a way of communicating, finding the words to accompany these photos has been really liberating for me. I enjoy writing, even though English is not my native language, that’s a good exercise too!

  So for this month i’ll continue posting old stuff. If i do regret one thing, that is not making a blog all this time. It would have been really nice to document my trips with details and then share them here. It is a lot of work but it’s also a lot of fun and really rewarding. So hopefully i’ll get to visit some places soon and make some nice posts about them!

Thank you all for the support and for choosing to follow me on this journey 😀

Alex “V-Light”


8 thoughts on “One month on

  1. I’m glad WordPress is working for you. 🙂 I used it for a while too, it’s pretty functional. I visit your blog regularly, it’s nice to know you feel motivated to move forward. 🙂

    1. Hey there 😀 Nice to see you here! I’m still very excited by the whole process, mostly because i get to re-edit my favorite photos and so i can create a portfolio with the best ones. It’s also nice to have something to keep you motivated. When i’m bored and say i have nothing to do…I think “hey wait, i can make a new post for my blog :)” On the downside, i really have no will to update my deviant art. I’m really considering closing my account there.

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