Alien Landscape

Landscape at the mining site of Gerakini, Greece | 2012
Landscape at the mining site of Gerakini, Greece | 2012


  This photo was taken at the old magnesite mine in Gerakini, Greece. This place is virtually abandoned now. I’ll be making a feature post about this place too 🙂 It was a really interesting place to visit.

  I shot it from a very low angle to make the horizon line disappear and make it look more like a sand dune planet. I decided to edit this photo in black and white because the colors were really monotonous anyway and b&w added a little more depth into the image.

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4 thoughts on “Alien Landscape

    1. 🙂 Thank you Robert. It was a really overcast day as you can see and it started to rain shortly after. This image is actually an HDR but i could probably get the same effect with just a single raw file, there wasn’t really a big dynamic range to cover.

      1. Yes, that can be a tough one when I’m out West and there is mostly desert – very monochromatic – you can only hope that you get some good angular light to help bring out the textures. – But overcast – whew! I’m surprised you got the shot you did – good job!

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