Color Day 2013

Color day 2013
Color day 2013 | Thessaloniki, Greece

Hello my lovely people!

  So i’ve been away for a few days, photographed some events, visited Thessaloniki and i finally have some new stuff to show you. On the 21st of September it was a very special day for Thessaloniki. A day full of color and joy.

  It all began last year when a group of people called “Sfina” organized an event based on the idea of the Holi festival, which is celebrated mostly in India. Holi is a color festival that takes place before the coming of spring, to welcome the season and give thanks for the good harvest. It’s an opportunity to forget all differences, as people get covered with colorful dust and they all end up looking the same. It has traditionally been celebrated in high spirit without any distinction of cast, creed, color, race, status or sex. In Greece, this festival is just a great way to have fun. Religious aspects of the Holi festival have been removed completely.

  As this was the second year that this event took place, a lot of people came, around 3.000 as it was estimated, in comparison to the 400-500 of the first year. So the event was supposed to start at 14:00 pm, with some games to break the ice and bring people together. The location was in an abandoned military camp called “Stratopedo Kodra”. I got there a little bit late…ok maybe quite late…and since this place was packed with impatient people, the first color throwing had already taken place. So when me and my friend, Zaza, arrived we saw lots of colorful people leaving…

People already leaving

  That was a bit of a disappointment because we didn’t know if and when they would gather and throw colors again. We wrapped our cameras tightly in some plastic bags, bought some color and walked around shooting all the people that were already having fun, feeling like total outsiders. The dress code was white! So imagine all the people with their white t-shirts being all colorful and happy and two people walking around with completely clean and shiny t-shirts. Thankfully, as soon as i met some i knew, they all offered to help me get more colorful. Pretty soon i was blending in pretty well. So we gathered for the second round which started at about 16:40pm. I was right in the middle, determined to get in the action!

Wohoo!!! It was great!!! More than great!!! I was shooting blind because i couldn’t see anything through the plastic bag anyways but i didn’t care. It was too much fun and i was actually very pleasantly surprised when we got home and i saw the photos. Reminder to myself: Have more fun and shoot blindly more often!

  After the second color throw the party was moved to a place surrounded by trees. A group of drummers called PARANAUE, gave rhythm and people started to dance. People of all ages were just having fun, feeling free and like children again, not caring if anyone is staring at them or taking photos.

Color day 2013_8 by V-Light Color day 2013_9 by V-Light

The music of the drums accompanied us for about an hour. People still dancing, some throwing the little color they had left. At the end there was a very cool Capoeira demonstration.

Color day 2013_12 by V-Light Color day 2013_13 by V-Light

As the sun was almost setting down…

Color day 2013_14 by V-Light

  A third and last color throw was announced. We gathered at the open space, with only a few people having any color left and waited for the countdown. The ones that still had some color, generously passed little amounts around. 10,9,8,7,6,5,4…3…2…1!

Color day 2013_15 by V-Light Color day 2013_16 by V-Light

  Fun and love was all around…People took some last photos before the sundown…

Color day 2013_17 by V-Light Color day 2013_18 by V-Light

Color day 2013_19 by V-Light
We took a picture of ourselves after all the color throwing, to remember our colorful side and our genuine smiles…

This event was a major success and something that everyone who took place would certainly talk about and remember for a long time. I’m already looking forward for next year…


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12 thoughts on “Color Day 2013

    1. Thank you Kongo 🙂 I actually put my camera in a plastic bag, opened a hole for the lens and taped it around the lens hood. I had some dust on the uv filter in front of my lens…had to check it out every now and then but most of it would go away with a strong blow. Afterwards i just cleaned the filter with a wet tissue paper, the camera body was intact. But as i mentioned i was shooting blind, couldn’t see anything through the plastic bag! Next year i hope i can have some kind of waterproof-dustproof case so i can actually see what i am shooting 🙂

    1. 🙂 It was a great experience, yes. My camera was saved with a simple plastic bag. Others didn’t have any cover for their cameras, i don’t want to know how much dust they got into places that cannot be easily cleaned!

  1. Alex, very interesting event and a wonderful series of shots that do tell the story of the day (I”m glad you included the self portrait to show just how colorful you two were)…The very first image (above the text) is my favorite – the color and the arms, but no heads or bodies – it just works for me. Glad you had the plastic bags for your camera gear too!

    1. Thank you Robert! 🙂 That photo is my favorite also that’s why i gave it the top position. Last year we got there without knowing what kind of event it was, if you look at the photos i have in the link at the bottom of my post, you’ll see what i was away and out of the action. So this year i came prepared and ready to get in the middle of it all 🙂 The plastic bag worked great, my camera stayed clean but the down side was that i couldn’t see anything from the viewfinder. For next year i’ll try to find a cheap case that will allow me to see what i’m shooting…Would like something to be able to shoot during rain also…

    1. 😀 Thank you Lia! Maybe you can come next year! This kind of events are being held in many places in Europe, there is a possibility that you can find something close by. It won’t be Thessaloniki but it would still be fun 🙂

    1. Thank you very much Mark 🙂
      That was certainly a big concern for me too. I don’t have the money to get another camera if anything happened to it, so i preferred to play it safe. The bag actually provided enough protection but the downside was that i couldn’t see anything through the viewfinder. The plastic was see-through but it created a totally blurred view, so i was shooting blind. I used a ton of electric tape to make sure that the bag was tightly glued around the lens hood and i had a uv filter in front of the lens. It was easy to clean afterwards and the lens was totally intact. This kind of events are a great opportunity for photos. You should go when you have the chance 🙂 Maybe get a cheap waterproof type of case from ebay. That’s what i’m thinking of doing for next year 🙂

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