An unexpected gift

  Sometimes nice things do happen when you least expect them and from people you never really counted on.

  The last few days i was seriously thinking about my photographic equipment and that i really need a better telephoto lens. I have an old manual Jupiter 135mm lens, which i only use for macro work with some cheap extension tubes that i bought from ebay and a Tokina 70-210mm f/4-5.6 that i bought from a friend for 20 Euros. The Tokina has terrible performance, all the images are very soft with an annoying foggy/glow effect, severe chromatic aberration and focus hunting even in bright sunlight. I recently photographed a Scramble motocross race that took place in my little village and had my Canon 60D with the Sigma 17-70mm f/2.8-4 as my main camera and my old Canon 450D with the Tokina as a second one for some close up shots. I ended up using only the 60D as i couldn’t get any decent photos with the Tokina. It went pretty well anyway and i got a proposition to photograph the next event also. So naturally i thought that it really sucks that i don’t have a better telephoto lens.

  And then i received a phone call from my grandmother telling me that one of my cousins passed by and she left some stuff for me and that i should go and check them out. So i did…and behold it was a shoulder camera bag containing a Canon 80-200mm f/4.5-5.6 and some other goodies.

Trikon shoulder camera bag containing a Canon EF 80-200mm F/4.5-5.6 II, Hoya Cir-Polarizing filter, Hoya Yellow (K2) filter and a Hama rubber lens hood.
Trikon shoulder camera bag containing a Canon EF 80-200mm F/4.5-5.6 II, Hoya Cir-Polarizing filter, Hoya Yellow (K2) filter and a rubber Hama lens hood.

I immediately tested the lens to see if it would work on my camera because that’s an old lens from the film era too. It worked! Next step, compare it with the Tokina to see if it is any better. As the Canon 80-200mm f/4.5-5.6 is just a typical cheap kit lens for film cameras i didn’t expect much but i was pleasantly surprised. Here are some photos from my little test. It’s not a comprehensive test but enough for me to notice the difference. Click on an image to view in full screen.

 Conclusion: The Canon definitely beats the Tokina. It’s a lot sharper, no foggy/glow effect, is quieter and has faster focusing speed and is a lot lighter too. I know it’s not a great lens by any means and i wish i had a Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8 L IS but i don’t, so this unexpected gift will do me fine for now. Looking forward to try it in action in the next motocross race.

P.S. Has anyone of you heard of Trikon before? This bag isn’t half bad…It’s certainly very well made and looks pretty heavy duty. And to imagine i didn’t have a bag either so i might as well use this too…hehe 😀


8 thoughts on “An unexpected gift

    1. Oh yes 😉 It’s already stuck to my camera. It’s nice to get that shallow depth of field that a telephoto lens can create. I’ve been shooting with a 18-55mm and 17-70mm all these years. So i’m outside all day trying out all the new possibilities 🙂 Will post some photos soon! Thank you for your comment Mark 🙂

    1. Hehe, my thoughts exactly! 🙂 That Tokina lens was useless…at least with the Canon i might get a decent shot at the motocross race. It’s this Sunday…I’ll make a post about it if i get some good material 😀

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