Lost in the realm of Reflections

Reflection III by V-Light
Did i ever tell you? I love reflections! Yesterday i went for fishing with my dad and next to the sea there was this little puddle of water surrounded by reeds. I noticed the reflections and next thing i know i stayed there and took photos for like an hour. I even saw two little ducks and another weird bird.

Reflection I by V-Light

Reflection II by V-Light

I chose to turn these photos into black and white because the colors were really gray anyway as the sky was really cloudy. Also i think it really adds to the whole atmosphere. For the black and white editing i used Silver Efex Pro. All the elements are purely reflections no actual reed was photographed.

Reflection IV by V-Light

Reflection V by V-Light

All rights reserved Β© V-Light


6 thoughts on “Lost in the realm of Reflections

  1. Nice set – I agree – there is something about reflections and how the world is rendered in them. B&W works here – I never thought about it before but there is a great opportunity for some lomo rendering by using reflections.

    1. Thank you πŸ™‚ I chose to put that last image in to state that difference. I think a series of 5 images with the same still water would be boring. Ending with an image that shows movement and were you can actually see that it is water would be a nice way to close this post πŸ™‚

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