Starting up my Youtube channel


   Hello my lovely people.

   Recently i enrolled myself to the Youtube Creators Academy. I managed to finish the course on maximizing a channel and got my completion letter!!! 😀

letter of completion

  My channel ( is still under construction, as i got a lot of things to learn and still have to get over the awkwardness of talking alone in front of a camera but i’m getting there! I tried to make a channel trailer but i’m not really happy with it (i never am anyway). You can visit my channel to check it out if you want and tell me what you think…honestly…

Subscribe to join me on this adventure!

  I’ll be away for a few days so i’ll probably won’t be able to spend time online but when i come back i’ll go through all your posts and comments 🙂 I didn’t forget any of you. You all have a great weekend!

Kind regards,

Alex “V-Light”


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