OTE Tower: A story of neglect

OTE Tower by V-Light
The OTE Tower in Thessaloniki, Greece

  The OTE Tower is the second most recognizable building in Thessaloniki after the famous landmark the “White Tower”. At 70 meters height, it’s certainly a unique building with a very modern design considering that it was build in 1965. It was designed by Greek architect A. Anastasiadis and was opened in 1966. It was mainly used for broadcasts on a Greek Television network. Today it is used by the Cosmote cellular mobile telephone network.

70 meters tall, 4 levels
70 meters tall, 4 levels


  It’s has 4 compartments and each was designed for a specific use. There is an elevator in the center of the structure that makes it easy to access each floor. Of course there are stairs too but you must be feeling really brave to take them. There’s not much info about the usage of each level,  so i’ll quote what i remember. The lower level is used as storage space, the second level was supposed to be used for exhibitions but that rarely happens, the third level was the broadcast studio and the fourth level was always the most appealing one.

  On the fourth and highest level there’s a cafe/restaurant that has a rotating floor offering a 360 degree view of the city. It completes a full rotation in about 45 minutes if i remember correctly. While the view is really amazing and everyone should experience it at least once, there’s a big debate about the quality and the prices of the cafe/restaurant. The place seems to be dirty and is in a serious need for renovation. When it comes to prices paying 11 dollars for a cappuccino will certainly make you think twice about coming again. Most people won’t even think about it again…

The White Tower from the OTE Tower
The White Tower from the OTE Tower


View of the upper part of the town
View of the upper part of the town


  It’s a shame to see such a beautiful and unique building lose the charm it should have. But then again…It’s not the only building in Greece that is not treated as deserved…We have so much beauty and we let it fade away… People need to change and realize what they are wasting…Wasting a bright future is not something we should take lightly and i’m not only talking about buildings here. Wake up people…

"If i now know what love is...It's all your fault" I dedicate this to the city i love the most and i'll always come back no matter where life takes me...
“If i now know what love is…It’s all your fault”
I dedicate this to the city i love the most and i’ll always come back no matter where life takes me…


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21 thoughts on “OTE Tower: A story of neglect

    1. Perhaps it is so…I wouldn’t know, as i haven’t traveled in many places. But that’s not our only problem…Neglect of a whole country is more like it…

    1. Thank you very much 🙂 It’s nice to be back…I didn’t even realize that it has been a month since my last post. I will make a more personal post about all this cause i need to make a big shift in me and i think it would help to actually talk about it. P.s. The coffee in the tower is not even good…certainly not worth the money…But the view would be worth it…

        1. Thank you very much Robert 🙂 I really appreciate it. It is hard to be in an environment that not only lacks creativity but destroys it. I’ll probably make that post sometime today or tomorrow…It would be interesting to get other people’s views on this…

  1. Can’t agree more: “We have so much beauty and we let it fade away… People need to change and realize what they are wasting”

    1. Hi Nessy 🙂 Yeah, i don’t understand why people are so stupid…They keep busy with all the wrong things, they praise fake beauty, everything is so superficial and they can’t do the simple and nice things that would make earth a better place to live. Thankfully there are always exceptions…but not enough to turn this around…

  2. Great Article , very interesting to read. I think there are more such places on earth, which were build for a special purpose and than left alone.
    But i like this Building somehow, maybe we can urbex it in a few years 😀

    1. The way things are going here maybe we won’t have to wait long :p On the inside it’s really ugly and i took the stairs on the way down. Let me tell you this, i will never do that again!!! It’s full of graffiti and smells of pee…So these are already the first essentials for urbex…hahaha 🙂

        1. You suppose very correctly. Anyone can go in and do whatever they want…Even the cafe that’s supposed to be elegant and all that is really terrible, i didn’t even want to take photos of it :p

            1. Of course 🙂 Not everything is terrible…There are many nice places you can visit, even for free…but i note that it’s a shame that they don’t take advantage of even more places and things, that could only be a positive asset for the city.

                1. I think the main problem is their mindset. They don’t appreciate what they have…Even if there was enough money i doubt they would spend it on restoring and keep buildings running. The EU has given Greece money grands for such projects but i’m sure the biggest part was in the hands of corrupted people and was spend on vacations and luxury cars. It’s really rare to see money being invested in a place and actually make something out of it.

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