Crooked point of view

The famous "White Tower" landmark of Thessaloniki, on a foggy day...
The famous “White Tower” landmark of Thessaloniki, on a foggy day…


  I’m usually very strict with keeping a straight horizon and correct perspective in my photographs. After some comments about this matter on a photo “The Looming Decay (2013)” by infraredrobert , i remembered this specific one where i break all these rules but i think the result came out really interesting.

  It was a rather unusual and foggy day and that made it a perfect day for a walk. I don’t know what those black things that were sprayed on the ground were supposed to be, the next day they were gone. They do resemble caveman drawings, i think they look like people running and jumping, hunting down an animal? Anyway, i was fascinated by the fact that these drawings would add a unique touch to the most photographed subject of the city.

  I took this photo with my Canon 450 and the kit lens 18-55mm. I choose a low angle almost down to the ground, so i could include the drawings. When i noticed how distorted the tower became i played with the angle to make it even more dramatic. Nothing was done in photoshop to correct or exaggerate the result. The tree that has a natural incline to the right helps a lot to make the image look even more distorted.  What do you think?

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20 thoughts on “Crooked point of view

  1. Hi Alex,
    I like this photograph – especially because of the “hunting cavemen”. Perfect, that they had been removed next day – now you have made a unique shot, that never can be remade.
    Nevertheless I would have corrected the angle of the tower, because I feel this is not naturally – even if I normally like “anarchic”, rule braking photography. The rough and foggy style works perfect with the stony tower. I would never have expected that the photo has been made in Greece.

    1. Hello Stefan! 🙂
      Exactly, that’s why i’m never bored to take walks even at the same places because you might stumble on something like this and take a photo that can never be again 🙂 To be honest i never actually tried to correct the tower and see how it would look. I might try that now. But since it’s very distorted i’m not sure if there is enough room for the photo to breathe after the correction.
      And yes…Greece is not always sunny! :p It’s still rare to have such a gray and foggy day but the few times it happened i was out taking photos 🙂

        1. Oh, yes!!! And i really miss snow!!! It never really snows here and if it does it’s like 5cm max. I hope when i can go to Austria, there will be plenty of snow 😀

          1. I can guarantee that there will be enough snow! 😀
            I live only 100 Kilometer away from where your grandma lives and we mostly have minimum 3 month snow, with snow heights up to 1 meter or even more. ***sigh*** 😉

            1. I’ll need to buy me some good winter clothes!!! Here even during winter i only wear a t-shirt and a jacket…On the very “cold” days i might add one more thin shirt but that’s it. Don’t have any sweaters or warm clothes in general. I guess if i lived there for more than a few years i would get tired of the snow too :p But for now i’d be really excited to see all the snowy landscapes, icy lakes and maybe even have a “white x-mas” 😀

              1. I should have more than one domicile…
                One in Greece during winter – I would choose Rhodos. One in Norway at the outer Hardangerfjord for summer. And one in the Provence for springtime. During autumn I’d stay in Bavaria… :mrgreen:

                1. Hehehe…Well, i never thought about that. Hmmm, I guess for summer i’d choose a Greek island (have to have sea and sun), for autumn, London it will be really moody and rainy. During winter somewhere really north, with lots of snow and ice…and during spring i’ll probably choose Austria. It’d be nice to be on an Alm, with all the green grass and flowers, just beautiful nature 😀

                  1. Hah! Infected with a good idea?! 🙂
                    Summer in Greece might be too hot for me… Over 35 degrees Celsius I go nuts… 😯
                    By the way… I suppose, we could talk/write german as well, couldn’t we? :mrgreen:
                    Good for you start in Austria: Greek, English and German fluently (and maybe more…)!

                    1. That’s what i used to say too…Actually over 30 degrees it was already too much for me…This summer was very mild though, it rarely got over 30 degrees, so it was nice and i really enjoyed it. I grew up in a place next to the sea so i have a really strong connection with it. I want at least some kind of water near to the place i’m going to live :p Thankfully Austria has many lakes and rivers 🙂 I understand german very well, i wouldn’t have a problem if you wrote me in german but i’m quite rusty in my writing. I have to start practicing! I talk better than i write though, so that’s good i think 🙂

                    2. Let’s practice… 😉
                      Ich bin auch am Meer aufgewachsen und liebe das Meer! Understood? 🙂
                      I know, german is a very difficult language… I miss the sea very much and can’t accept the lakes around as a substitute. It’s not the same… But there are vacancies…
                      Viele Grüße von Stefan 😉

                    3. Hehehe, you grew up next to the sea too and you love it! And i didn’t use google translate 😉 I don’t find the language to be so hard, we used to go to Austria all the time since i was a little baby, there are videotapes of me speaking fluently when i was just 3 years old. I have it in me but i forgot most of it now that my last visit was almost 7 years ago 😦 Of course a lake can’t substitute the sea but just the presence of water calms me. I don’t know if that makes sense to you. I just love water, watching the reflections, sunsets, sunrises, so i’d rather have a lake than no water at all 🙂

                    4. I expected, that you some times spoke german fluently, because you talked about your german mother. I think it will be very easy for you to “relearn” again german 😉
                      Concerning the sea and water it’s the same with me, so your words make a lot of Sense.
                      Being at the seafront is loading my batteries and a day at a lake is better than nothing. Do you know the german saying:”Ein Spatz in der Hand ist besser als eine Taube auf dem Dach?” 🙂
                      Greetings from Stefan!

    1. Hehehe…Well, i’m usually obsessing about having all my lines straight, especially in architectural shots. As you can see the kit lens has a pretty bad distortion at the wide end, so imagine taking real estate photos with that lens. With my level of obsession i’m spending hours on Photoshop to correct everything and at the end it’s not worth the little money i get :p

  2. This is exactly my point…use the angles to work in a way that conveys more about the scene (or mood) than a straight photograph alone. Rules, when broken by design are good – but when it is just sloppy work – this is where I have issues. Good shot Alex!

    1. I’m glad that you find this to be a good shot 🙂 We all have to experiment and see what works for our photography style. I tend to shoot more from low angles, depending on my subject of course and that tends to create distortion. But i haven’t seen a photo with a really crooked horizon line that looks good…

      1. Exactly Alex, You have to experiment with things so you can see what works with both your particular style and the scene. When I’m out West, I do a lot of hyper-focal shooting – but in other situations, this may not be the right thing to do.

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