One cold morning

One cold morning by V-Light


On the way to Drama, Greece, I encounter this foggy landscape with the river and the bridge…I just had to take a photo, 2 minutes later the fog was gone 🙂

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3 thoughts on “One cold morning

  1. Beautiful shot – looks almost like it was done with a wet colloidal process and a view camera. Just shows you have to make quick decisions sometime as you don;’t have the luxury of time. Glad to see you back to posting Alex…I was just wondering where you had been 🙂

    1. Thank you Robert 😀 Been re-working some old photos and in this one i was playing around with Silver EfexPro and liked the result 🙂 Yeah, well i made the driver of the car to stop so i could jump out and take that photo…and we were a whole group of photography lovers in that car and none of them said something. They were all like “ah beautiful”…and i was like “aaaaaaa stop the car now!!!” ahahahaha 🙂 Sometimes you have to get a bit wild in order to not miss a shot 😉 I’ll be posting more ofter now… I had a problem with my eyes the past 2 weeks…couldn’t stare at the screen at all, i was seeing double and the white really hurt my eyes…It really sucked cause i have so much i want to get done..but i took some time off and i’m ok now 🙂

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