Little Waterfall

Little Waterfall by V-Light
Little waterfall in Frakto forest, Drama | 06.11.2011


Β  This amazing place still resonates in my dreams. When i got there i couldn’t believe what i was seeing, so much beauty, so much color. I have only uploaded 2 or 3 photos of this trip even though it was back in 2011, mostly because i couldn’t decide on how to post-process the photos. The colors are already very saturated without any edit and back then i had a Canon 450D with the 18-55mm kit lens which was failing all the time, shutting down when taking a long exposure so i didn’t take the photos i could have taken. I don’t think i’ll be able to visit this place soon, it’s very far away and hard to reach so i thought to start working on some photos that are kinda good. What do you think about this one? I’d appreciate any feedback πŸ™‚

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3 thoughts on “Little Waterfall

  1. You may not have been able to take the shot you envisioned, but this is a very good rendering of the scene – the overall warm tone of the site with a bit of cool blue in the sky – I can almost hear the water falling and the leaves being walked on. The slight up angle does not detract from the picture – you get a bit of perspective/convergence, but it does not overwhelm. I like that the water is (seemingly) falling onto just a rock…going no where. Good work here Alex!

    1. Thank you very much Robert, you know i appreciate your feedback very much πŸ™‚ My problem with this place was that it was all so beautiful and i couldn’t really focus on only one area, i always felt i was cutting something out. In this photo i would have wished that the top of the trees was not cut off. I will upload a photo of the same scene but with the waterfall cut and the tress whole. I needed a real wide angle lens to get what i envisioned or take multiple shots and make a panoramic shot but i didn’t have a good tripod back then. I used a very small table tripod (15cm height), that’s why most of my shots are from a very low angle.

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