Katouni Square

Katouni Square in Ladadika, Thessaloniki | 25.01.2014
Katouni Square after the rain, Thessaloniki | 25.01.2014


  Katouni square is a little and cozy square located in the famous Ladadika area in Thessaloniki, Greece. Ladadika is famous for its nightlife as it’s full of nice bars, small clubs and taverns. During the day most of the shops are closed and it’s the perfect opportunity to take photos without having people cram your frame…

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5 thoughts on “Katouni Square

    1. Thanks 🙂 There is a guy passing by under the coca cola canopies. If i waited for him to leave, i’d have even more people in my frame. At night it’s really crowded out here…

  1. Thank you for the sweet memories! When I was little, my dad used to work in the area (Katouni str.) and sometimes we went to pick him up and then go for lunch to Rogkotis. Just the idea makes my mouth drool!

    1. Awww, that’s really nice to hear! 🙂 I guess that’s another aspect of photography that it can bring back memories. I’m very glad that it was a positive memory for you 🙂

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