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Hello again my friends! πŸ˜€

Β  After a long time of thinking about it i finally created an Instagram account. It will be mainly backstage photos of jobs and projects, some daily stuff and weird/funny things i might encounter. I’ll try to maintain a creative and artistic value in my account so you probably won’t be seeing any selfies of me just waking up, i’m sorry :pΒ  Feel free to check it out and follow me there too πŸ™‚ Have a nice day!


v-light on instagram


10 thoughts on “V-Light on Instagram

  1. Your “forcing” me to be more social Alex πŸ™‚ – My concern is who owns your shots on Instagram? I see you are a cat person – as you might expect, so am I. Little Moonkie (sp?) is quite the handsome kitty!

    1. Haha, well i’m forcing myself to be more social too! I’m really not a fan of the whole social media craze but i’m trying to keep up πŸ™‚ I think it’s fun to share photos on instagram because in a way i always have some shots that are not great enough to make a blog post but would like to still share, so it’s perfect for that. The copyright issue of course is a problem…I think by uploading your photos you agree to let anyone take them and use them as they want…which sucks but then again people steal photos even when you watermark them and own all the rights. One thing i noticed is that any metadata is stripped off so there’s no info in the photo and if someone takes it there’s no way to track the owner back but that’s the story with facebook also… So yeah…I hate social media but unfortunately they are necessary for building up a “fan” base and getting jobs…

      Little Moonkie or Moonky (i haven’t decided on the spelling yet :p), is the family cat…he’s about 6 months old now and he’s already getting pretty big πŸ™‚

      1. Yes, all issues we need to consider – I’ve gone with Digimarc – a Photoshop filter which does the watermarking and online use tracking.
        The real issue here is just how cute your boy is – regardless of how he spells his name!

  2. Alex,
    I checked out the link – that you. It had some interesting points. perhaps I’ll give Instagram a try, but I’m worried about devoting so much time to social media that the free time I have for shooting will be diminished even further.

    1. Time is always a problem. I agree that trying to keep up with all the social media can be very time consuming. The way i see it, i use mostly my facebook page and my blog to upload my photos, i upload the same stuff on both, instragram for some behind the scenes and daily stuff, that doesn’t really require much time and twitter is just for sharing those links from my blog and instagram (that can be done automatically) and retweeting interesting stuff about photography, so not much time spend there also. If you want to gather a lot of followers though you must spend more time to view others posts, comment and like their stuff…I choose to do that on my blog mostly because you can get to know other inspiring people and watch their work and thoughts, it’s more personal than twitter or instagram. But sometimes it can get overwhelming especially when you are not a very social person in real life…and you just have to take a break away from it all for a few days…hehe :p

      1. I understand why you “disappear” from time-to-time πŸ™‚ I have limited my blog following as I do give a lot of time and thought to those who I do follow – so as to have a good interactive exchange with fellow photographers. More than just a quick “like” and move on…I like to savor the work of people I interact with. Plus I’m not too social in real life.

        1. And this is exactly what i really appreciate about you πŸ˜€ It’s very nice to get comments that explain why someone liked a photo or why they didn’t like it and why it’s not working for them. Negative critique is always welcome as long as someone takes the time to explain why. The reason why i stopped using DeviantArt is because the only comments you ever receive is a simple “wow”, “great”, etc… It’s not always easy to find the right words, many times i catch myself not being able to write the comment that i would like but i try. You know, when i “disappear” i do feel bad that i miss out the work of some people that i like and i think i have to stop doing that! But maybe it’s my antisocial side kicking in :p

          1. Thanks Alex – I like to say something useful to all the people I follow – perhaps not every day, but certainly in the majority of my followups to a “like”. Part of the reason I go for quality of follows as opposed to quantity of follows.

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