Foggy day in my village

Yesterday was quite a peculiar day. The fog started early in the morning and lasted throughout the day, as a result of that, the smoke from the chimneys got trapped under the fog creating a rather unpleasant atmosphere. Of course i could not stay inside and not take any photos so i went for a quick walk around my house, when i got back i was couching and had a runny nose, today i’m fine though 🙂 Here are a few photos, with minimum edit, only contrast and white balance was enhanced from the raw files.

Foggy day by V-Light (1) Foggy day by V-Light (2) Foggy day by V-Light (3) Foggy day by V-Light (4) Foggy day by V-Light (6)Foggy day by V-Light (5)

All rights reserved © V-Light


4 thoughts on “Foggy day in my village

    1. Thank you! 🙂 It’s quite a rare event here so i’m glad that i could snap a few photos of it, even though my village is not anything spectacular, the mist makes it much more interesting :p

  1. Fog (or rather smog) is difficult to render when shooting – however you did get some good results with minimum edits. Must have been very thick to have effected you so much – glad it was temporary.

    1. Thank you! They might not be the greatest photos but knowing how my village normally looks, i do like them a lot because it looks completely different. The smell of it all was not pleasant that’s for sure…I’m glad it was temporary also 🙂

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