One house and its secrets…

one_house_and_its_secrets_by V-Light
Abandoned mansion in Logothetou 1, Thessaloniki, Greece


  Another abandoned beauty in Thessaloniki, another house that we don’t know anything about…I tried researching online but i couldn’t find anything about it. So i decided to share what i learned from the house itself! It’s an old story but it still resonates within me. Let’s begin…

  Located in Logothetou street number 1, this beauty stands not too far from the seafront. I can imagine that back in the day it was one of the privileged mansions with a view to the sea, now the view is obscured by tall modern buildings. The last owner of the mansion was probably the architect/engineer, Menelaos Papadimas? I’m not sure for the last name as most of it is missing from the door bell tag.

one_house_and_its_secrets_3_by V-Light

  The mansion was build in 1922 as we can tell from the side entrance. There are so many beautiful details no matter what side of the building you are looking at…

one_house_and_its_secrets_2_by V-Light

one_house_and_its_secrets_4_by V-Lightone_house_and_its_secrets_5_by V-Light

one_house_and_its_secrets_7_by V-Light

one_house_and_its_secrets_6_by V-Light

one_house_and_its_secrets_8_by V-Light

  And by now you might be wondering what’s the secret i’m talking about…One night back in 2010, i was out with my friends and we dared each other that no one would dare to go inside. It was known that there was an open window behind the wooden shutters. All we had to do was climb up to the balcony on the first floor without getting noticed. We all managed to get inside. It was completely dark and as we didn’t come prepared for an urbex adventure, no one had a flashlight. We used the little light we could get from the illuminated screens of our cellphones. Of course i had a camera with me and i managed to take some photos. They are not anything great as i couldn’t even see what i was aiming at…All of them were taken with the on-camera flash and the composition was mostly random…

  Most rooms were empty…But two things caught my attention right as we entered. One was the sofa, that seemed to be in a very decent shape and second was a very creepy looking Christmas tree. It really made you wonder for how many years it was left there…Was it Christmas when the house was abandoned or was it placed later perhaps by a homeless person that found a temporary refuge in the mansion?

one_house_and_its_secrets_9_by V-Light

one_house_and_its_secrets_10_by V-Light

one_house_and_its_secrets_13_by V-Light one_house_and_its_secrets_12_by V-Light













  As we continued to explore, a few of my friends mentioned that they felt weird, as if we were not alone in the mansion. I’m not one to get scared easily, so i ignored their remarks about spirits and angry ghosts. We continued our way upstairs. Most rooms were empty again, until we reached the office room. Inside there was a desk, a big pile of books on the floor and some cylinders for carrying architectural designs. The books were a study on architecture written by the supposed owner of the mansion and they were either waiting to be sold or they were leftovers. I was really tempted to grab one of the books as a souvenir but then one of my friends started to act hysterically and they all left running downstairs leaving me with no time to take a proper photo of the office. I took a quick one as i left the room…

one_house_and_its_secrets_11_by V-Light

As i found my friends ready to leave, i tried to convince them that we still had to go to the basement. I had a feeling that this house had a lot more to be found and i was not afraid. I thought i might never get the chance to get inside again, so i wanted to fully explore it. Two of my friends said they didn’t want to see anything more and that it was too much for them, so they left and waited for us outside. We followed the stairs to the basement…

one_house_and_its_secrets_14_by V-Light
  The door you see was locked tight but on the right hand side there was an open door that lead to something that looked more like a storage-room.  There was no paint on the walls, you could see bare stone and the room seemed to extent further than the base of the mansion, it gave me the impression as it was continued under the area of the front garden. I noticed two big chests, one of them was open and empty and the other locked and probably contained something because it was too heavy to lift…On the faded paper etiquette the only thing i could make out was the last name Schmidt and Griechenland (Greece in German). Schmidt is also a German name, so this chest was probably send from Germany to Greece…Who knows what there was inside…Your mind can only make assumptions…


one_house_and_its_secrets_15_by V-Light
  There was an old flashlight in front of the chest, too bad it was not in working condition because the storage-room seemed to go on a lot further and i could see there were some big objects ahead. At that point i started to feel overwhelmed and that i shouldn’t be down there. I don’t believe in ghosts so i was not afraid like my friends who just begged me to leave but i was starting to get the chills when realizing that this basement was larger than the house itself. I suddenly had the gut feeling that something was wrong about this place…I wanted to stay and find out what that was but i decided that it was time to leave. We left almost running and it took a while to shake off the negative energy i had accumulated all of sudden. Other people might call it fear but for me it was the feeling of being somewhere i didn’t belong and maybe uncovering something that should be left a secret…


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32 thoughts on “One house and its secrets…

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it 🙂 I have been very tempted to go back but unfortunately that window was barred a few months later and all the doors are locked. I don’t see any way to go inside without getting noticed…

  1. A lovely building – how sad with plants on the roof but what fantastic opportunities for photography inside and I think the door and padlock a real wow. I guess it takes a photographer to really enjoy a place like this. Liked the story which described your progress through the house.

    1. Thank you very much for the kind words Diana 🙂 This story is the perfect example why i always carry a camera with me, it was a totally unexpected visit and without the photos, the story wouldn’t be so interesting.

        1. I really wanted to go back but unfortunately a few months later the window that we had used to enter the mansion was shut tight. There is no way to get inside without letting the whole neighborhood know :p

  2. very interesting article, wonderful fotos, I specially like the old entrance door. This house seems to be very interesting. Wish I could investigate it with you. Regards Mitza

    1. It’s a very beautiful door, isn’t it? 🙂 I would love to go inside again and see the rest of the basement but as far as i know it’s all locked up now, even the window has been closed. Would be cool if we could investigate it together 🙂 Maybe one day, you never know! Wishing you a nice weekend! 🙂

        1. The weather is really lovely and warm, it helps a lot to maintain a positive attitude. At least we have something good here because the economic situations is not getting any better soon…I’m still trying to find a way to gather some money and move to Austria…It drives me insane that i can’t just leave…Pfff…How are things there?

          1. Our government is taking everything out of our pockets. No more “luxury” just plain bread. I wish I could buy a little better camera but where could I save any money? But many people have bigger problems and are hungry. I hope you can succeed to move to Austria, you are still young and can change wour life. regards Mitza

            1. Pfff…I see…Everywhere it’s the same, in other countries less in others more. But there is a big difference in working for only 400 euros without any medical insurance and working for 1400 with medical insurance. People in Austria might find their basic pay of 1400 euros to not be enough because they want their luxuries, i’ve learned to live with a lot less so i could even put a lot of money to the side if i got a job there. I could finally get a better camera as well and build an equipment with lenses, get a drivers license and get a car one day…If i want to do these things here i’d have to either wait for 20 years…or sell a kidney…hahaha…I will do whatever is in my power to make that move happen as soon as possible…I wish things will get better for everyone and that you can get the camera you want soon enough 🙂 We just have to keep a positive outlook and believe that better days will come 😀

              1. you are completely right and I hope for you, that better days will come and you will get everything you want to have. Keep it up and have a nice week-end 🙂

    1. I must admit, i wouldn’t dare to go solo! I do find it interesting that you find it creepy when you have been exploring for many years and i’m sure you’ve been to some very creepy places 🙂

  3. Your piece is the next best thing to actually being there… I’m so spooked, I’ll surely dream about this tonight. Thank you!

    1. Thank you very much Anna 🙂 I surely don’t wish you to have nightmares about this, maybe you can have a nice adventurous dream 🙂 I wish you a good night!

  4. Beautiful set of photographs and a great story. I started photographing old and abandoned structures recently and am working up the nerve to enter some of them. your adventure will help give me some inspiration.

    1. Thank you very much Rich 😀 If you do it once, i’m sure you’ll get addicted, it gives you a great sense of adventure as you never know what you might find. Just be careful and preferably take at least one more person with you…Some people like to go alone…I’d be too scared to do that. It’s more fun when you go with someone else and you’d feel safer 🙂

    1. 😀 I’m very happy that you enjoyed it! I think i might have to write more stuff about my photos as people seem to like that…I’m not always inspired to write something though…Not every photo has such an interesting story behind it…

    1. I thought so too! I have no idea how old that tree is, if it was originally in there or if some homeless person placed it later…When i was inside i couldn’t see it since it was dark but seeing the photo later and all the ornaments on it…It’s very creepy…

    1. I’m glad that you liked it Susan 🙂 I was indeed very lucky to get inside but i would be lying if i said that i don’t think about it still and would like to go inside again to take proper photos and to see the places we might have missed…Now the wooden shutters are bolted, so there is no obvious way inside…

      1. I know what you mean…my head still retains images of places I saw in the pas t and would love to return to…but they are no longer there for me to revisit. 😦

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