I swear i didn’t mean to park here… (Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life)

  After receiving some very helpful advice by Kongo aka the Travel Monkey, i felt very motivated to start taking part in the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge. It’s a good opportunity to take photos in a different style and share with you new things! So here we go! 😀

street life by V-Light

  This week’s theme is Street Life. I chose to upload this photo because i think it represents street life in Thessaloniki and Greece in general, very well! Parked cars on busy streets that hinder the smooth flow of traffic, pedestrians that cross the streets without using crossings at the traffic lights even if there is one like 5 meters away and not to mention they don’t even check if there is a car coming right at them and if a car dares to honk, you hear them utter the characteristic “malaka” word! If you haven’t heard this word before, then i can safely presume that you don’t know anyone Greek. ‘Malaka’ is the Greek way of saying wanker, asshole or jerk but for some unexplained reason people call their friends like that too, so it’s the most common word you’ll hear coming from a Greek! To be honest with you, i can’t stand it and i never use it! It’s my half Austrian side that is very polite and doesn’t appreciate bad language especially towards the people i consider to be my friends! Oh well, i guess i’ll never get the Greek way of living…

All rights reserved © V-Light


11 thoughts on “I swear i didn’t mean to park here… (Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life)

    1. Thank you 😀 I don’t normally do any street photography but that was a moment i had to capture… Greeks can be really funny and lighthearted don’t get me wrong but with the same ease they can become quite the opposite. Some people call it the Mediterranean temperament, having lived most of my life in Greece, i can surely say that i don’t have it 😛

    1. She had quite a feisty attitude towards the policeman, that was what caught my attention and took the photo. In the exact moment i captured, she had just turned in disbelief for actually getting a ticket for parking on a main street…hehehe 🙂

  1. Oh so typical… No wonder Greeks have to use the M word ever so often 😀
    But I admit I’m baffled by the fact that they use they same word for jerk and mate… there may be something in the tonality of this word that makes it sound actually friendly, rather than offensive?

    1. They certainly don’t shout the M word at their friends but it still sounds rude to my ears. I don’t think there is a way to sweetly say this word. They use it all the time so they don’t even think about it most of the time, you know, it’s like a filler word, they add it to almost every sentence. I might be considered weird and annoying but i do demand from people to not use that word when they talk to me. If they cannot respect that then i just don’t talk to them…I was taught me to be polite towards everyone and i find no reason to use demeaning words with no reason.

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