All the colors of the sky

All the colors of the sky by V-Light

Β  This beautiful sunset happened just a few minutes ago. I had to run over to the construction site next to my house and climb on top to get this panoramic view. It’s amazing how fast the light changes in such situations, i barely got to shoot 3 images before the colors got dull. I’m very happy that i managed to get a nice photo of this as we rarely get such dynamic sunsets. This was my dose of inspiration and positiveness for the day πŸ˜€ Did you encounter anything inspiring and mood boosting in your day?

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7 thoughts on “All the colors of the sky

    1. πŸ˜€ Glad that i could bring something into your day with my photo. It was really a lovely sunset πŸ˜€ All day it was cloudy and raining and i was in a bad mood working on some things on my computer and for a moment i got up to grab something to eat and looked out of the window and saw that. I just grabbed my camera and tripod and run like crazy outside!!!

    1. Thank you Stefan πŸ˜€ We rarely get such sunsets here, it was raining all day long and the sky was gray, i surely didn’t expect to see that. I looked out of the window and i was like “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah” , grabbed my camera and run outside!

        1. Hehe, well don’t be jealous! I wish i could take such a photo and not have the stupid houses of the village showing in my frame. I dream of green luscious landscapes, mountains and lakes…things we don’t have here…

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