Aristotelous Clock

Aristotelous Clock by V-Light

  The following sentence was found in a travel guide for Thessaloniki: “The flower clock. Everybody takes pictures in front of this clock. Don’t really know why.” Hahaha 😀

  Truth be told, in my 7 years living in Thessaloniki i never took a photo there. I have a hard-wired resistance when it comes to not do what everybody else is doing. I only realized that i’m lacking photos of it, during my last visit where i tried to play the tourist and view the city in another way.

  Located right in the center of Aristotelous square, the most busy and crowded place in the whole city, it’s a challenge to get a photo without people standing in the way or even on the clock. I was lucky as it was a very hot Sunday and the city was practically empty, with people probably enjoying their day in a beach near by. I still had to use a very tight framing to eliminate any annoying elements in my image.

 The clock’s floral design has changed many times throughout the years but the clock itself remains the most famous meeting point in the city.

“Yeah ok, see you at 8, i’ll be at the clock, bye”, hangs up the phone.

  Then 8 o’clock comes and you stand there wondering from which side your date is gonna come. The choices are endless….right, left, up or down…and the time passes and you still stand there and you wonder if maybe they came and didn’t see you with all the people around so you pick up the phone and call them.

“Where are you?”

“I’m at the clock, where are you?”

“I’m at the clock too! Are you kidding me?”

  And then you walk around the clock with a puzzled face and see your date standing right there on the other side. That fat lady with the leopard print dress that was standing right next to you was covering your date all this time…

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6 thoughts on “Aristotelous Clock

  1. Good shot and I know how difficult it is to get the framing you need, sans people, and with the right sky/weather. I enjoyed your clock story too – my kind of meeting angst.

    1. Hehe thank you Robert 😀 That is why i never meet with my friends there, we have our own places that are not crowded. But if you are gonna meet somebody that doesn’t know the town well, it’s probably the easiest place for them to find. The other popular meeting place will be posted tomorrow 🙂

    1. Hehehe, i love pretending to be a tourist. I do it quite often. I don’t look very Greek anyway, add a backpack, a camera around the neck and the i’m kinda lost, looking around to find things to shoot look to the mix and you have a very convincing tourist. Greek people often speak to me in English when i go out like that… Mission accomplished 😉

  2. It’s a miracle that the clock survived all these years! I’d hate to see it go, it’s part the city’s life (and mine)… all these dates (some missed ones)… it’s true, oi Thessalonikeis have a couple of meeting points, depending where they want to go: I remember the clock, Kamara (beautifully portrayed in your post) and, later, the statue of Alexander the Great!

    1. The decoration inside it has been changed quite a few times but the clock itself is still in the exact same place. Ah yes, the statue of Alexander is another meeting point, now with the new waterfront it doesn’t feel the same way though…

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