The Red House

The Red House by V-Light
An abandoned beauty in the heart of Thessaloniki

  The so called “Red House” was built in 1926 by architect Gennari and engineer P. Stai on the account of the Loggos family. With four floors and strong influences from Art Nouveau, this house still makes a great impression to whoever passes by. It’s impossible not to notice in the heart of a mainly colorless city. The original design had only three floors but during the construction the owner decided to add one more. The name “Red House” was obviously given due to the red bricks and ceramic elements that were used in the exterior of the house.

   There are many stories about this building. Who knows which are true, if any… It all started like this: Mr.Loggos was the owner of a huge and very sophisticated textile company in Naousa, which was burned to the ground a few years after the “Red House” was completed. Paradoxically the construction company that built the house, unexpectedly went bankrupt at about the same time. The two incidents were enough to fuel the rumors that the house is cursed. Many people still believe that the house is haunted and that it is responsible for a number of suicides and men going mad. Some even go as far to say that it was inhabited by vampires…

  Until recently the house was owned by an old bizarre lady. It’s supposed to have been abandoned for over 30 years now but there have been reports that the old lady was still living inside the house, on the third floor, without electricity and running water. Maybe it was my imagination but i’ve seen some light coming from the third floor on rare occasions. My friends and i used to hang out close to this place and the house was visible from where we were sitting. Maybe the old lady was inside, walking around with a candle…or maybe one beer too many made us see lights where they didn’t exist 😛

  As with many of the abandoned buildings in Greece, this one has a crazy story when it comes to the law. In 2007, the then Minister of Culture issued an order to demolish it, even though it’s in great standing condition. Thankfully it didn’t go through and the next Minister of Culture canceled that order. I read somewhere that the house was recently put for sale and a rich private individual has bought it and plans to bring it back to its old glory. Let’s just hope he won’t stumble upon the ghost of the bizarre old lady and the vampires that haunt the house…

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8 thoughts on “The Red House

    1. You never know what’s true or not. There are many stories about most of the abandoned buildings in Thessaloniki. The Red House, did always make me feel somewhat weird, even in broad daylight. There is definitely a chilling quality about it… I don’t think it’s haunted but i could see the bizarre old lady living in there, without any lights and water…

    1. There is no way you can go inside without getting into real trouble. It was never really abandoned in the way of not having an owner, it was just that nobody was living there from about 1980s. It’s in a very central place in town and the only entry point would be the main door which is right next to some shops. You’d need to break in like you’d do in a modern house and that would just make you a burglar if you were to get caught. Not worth the risk…

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