100 and 1 posts + Big news!!!

Hello my dear friends! πŸ˜€

Β  Yesterday, when i posted my Thessaloniki Sunsets timelapse, i noticed that it was my 100th post! So yay! πŸ˜€ In about a month it will be my 1 year anniversary on WordPress as well. Looking forward to that!

Β  But the really big news is that i’m officially moving to Austria! Some of you, who have been following me for a while probably know my struggle with unemployment and the whole story of me going back to my parents house. I wanted to move to Austria for a long time now but i couldn’t find the money. After doing loads of badly paid freelance work i managed to gather enough money to purchase my ticket! 20 September i’ll be flying to Vienna! πŸ˜€

Β  I’m super excited about that but also super nervous. I will be doing an IndieGogo crowdfunding campaign to hopefully fund at least some of my moving expenses. I got the ticket and just a little extra cash so i won’t die from starvation but i need more money so i can hire a moving company to transfer my desktop computer and work equipment safely, have some money for the first rent and be able to print some new business cards and flyers so i can promote my freelance work there as well. I will be looking for a full time job but i still want to be able to do my own stuff there πŸ™‚

Β  The campaign will be an Art Sale. I want you to be a vital part of this and get something nice in return. Some of the perks include, various sized prints of my photos, limited edition prints, all signed with a lot of love of course, an e-book version of my book Visions (not available for sale anywhere else) and by contributing even 1$ you’ll get your name immortalized into a V-Light artwork that will be done specifically for this campaign and will be available for you to view and download afterwards. If i can get enough contributions=names, i’ll make a huge print of the artwork and hang it my house or office so i can see it every day and be thankful for your support as long as i live πŸ˜€ Maybe archaeologists will find it in the far future and it will be the biggest mystery in history πŸ˜› They would first need to decode English to read the names and it might be even displayed in a fancy museum!

Β  The campaign will be launched next week. So i would really appreciate your support by sharing it with your friends and people who like to supports artists, even if you cannot contribute a single dollar, sharing can really help πŸ™‚

Β  If any of you have any experience with crowdfunding and have some tips to share, please do! Also, what other perks would you be interested in? I could use some good ideas here but it has to be something that can be shipped easily because we do have very expensive shipping in Greece…

Thank you for your time!

Yours truly,

A super excited Alex “V-Light”


12 thoughts on “100 and 1 posts + Big news!!!

  1. Wow, fantastic news for you, Alexandra. I hope you will succeed in your crowdfunding. Your English is really fantastic and I’m sure you’re gonna make it in Austria. Much luck, regards Mitza

    1. πŸ˜€ Thank you so much Mitza! I can speak German really good as well, it’s my mothers language so it’s the least i’m worried πŸ™‚ I’m very excited about it and i’m sure i can do well there. I have so much will to work, it’s sickening the situation in Greece. It’s not normal to be almost 30 and have been unemployed and with no insurance your whole life…Most young people are at the same place but many of them are content by living from their parents money…Which i find tragic…

    1. Thank you Lia πŸ˜€ Vienna sounds perfect for V-Light…All i want is to find a decent job there and everything else will fall in place πŸ˜‰ Oh, i do have some unresolved issues with Thessaloniki. I need to go and shoot more in Ano Poli and the castles…I have it planned for my next visit, maybe it will be soon πŸ™‚ And i also have a ton of material that i never got the chance to edit, so there’s a lot more to see, no worries πŸ˜€

  2. Certainly a long time coming isn’t it Alex? Well count me in to help…just your making it to your new home will be thanks enough…of course when you are famous doing a tour of the USA, I’ll need you to NOT have your body guards eject me from the gallery when I go to shake your hand πŸ™‚

    1. Hahaha πŸ™‚ Thank you so much Robert! I already appreciate all the support you’ve given me, even the little things and your nice comments can make my day! I must say, i do love your certainty of me ending up being famous! I’d never want to reach the point of having to walk around with bodyguards though…If that were to happen, i’d “disappear” so people would forget about me sooner or later, live in a remote little island and throw secret parties for my friends! You’d be invited of course πŸ˜€ I’ll bring you in with my private jet if i have to, just tell me your menu of choice beforehand so i can tell my private chef to get it ready for your flight πŸ˜› Wouldn’t want to get any complaints, that i don’t take care of my friends πŸ˜€

  3. So pleased for you, Alex. Austria will be all the richer for you and I’m sure you’re going to have a wonderful time.
    Hope the crowd-sourcing goes well too. What a terrific idea! I really wish you well.

    1. πŸ˜€ Thank you Distan! I’m super excited about this! I thought i didn’t have anything to lose by doing an crowd-funding art sale…People can get nice signed prints directly from me and everyone who will contribute even 1$ will have their name immortalized into an artwork i’ll create! πŸ˜€ I think that’s nice and i hope will make more people to contribute something. I’m doing my speech video right now…ahahaha. That’s the only reason why i hesitated to do this…I’m terrible when i have to talk to a camera πŸ˜›

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