Rise like a Phoenix

Rise like a Phoenix by V-Light

  Beautiful street-art in Thessaloniki, Greece. I wish more buildings would get decorated with such stunning murals. We need to get rid of all that gray…Maybe then we’ll have a chance to rise again…

All rights reserved © V-Light



12 thoughts on “Rise like a Phoenix

    1. I’m not very confident about that…It might take a long long time for that to happen! 🙂 Maybe when i’m old and gray and tired of my life in Austria, i might go back if things are better 🙂

      1. Then you might go back with your kids and grandchildren to show them how beautiful this country is. I saw Greece only with 22 the first time and it took up to now to understand the Greek mentality! By the way did I ever tell you how perfect your English is? It’s always good to know other languages well. Regards Mitza

        1. 🙂 That would be lovely! Greece is a very beautiful country but it’s been in a really bad place the last years…It will take time for people to change their mentality and do something to get out of this mess.
          Funny fact about my English…I never had any lessons, for some unexplainable reason, i knew English from a very young age…My mind thinks in English. I feel i can express myself a lot better in this language 🙂 Thank you for your nice words, Mitza! I always appreciate your comments 😀

    1. You should see the one i’ll post tomorrow! 🙂 It’s a fairly new trend here, so there are only a handful of big murals on buildings…but they are all very well done 🙂

    1. 😀 We’ll see…At the moment i’m trying to make my pitch video…I’m terrible at talking to a camera…hahaha…but i need to finish that so i can be ready for the big art-sale launch this Monday 😀

        1. My English accent has gone really bad cause i don’t have anyone to speak with here…I feel like a Hillbilly trying to talk clearly…ahahaha 😀

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