Timelapse: SuperMoon Rising, 12 July 2014, Greece

  Another SuperMoon tonight! Did you get to see it? I shot a little timelapse again but i still think last year’s was the best! Maybe August’s SuperMoon will be a better contender… I’m starting to think they ended up naming each typical full moon a supermoon just to make a fuss about it. Not impressed here…

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7 thoughts on “Timelapse: SuperMoon Rising, 12 July 2014, Greece

  1. Still beautiful, Alex. How many shots are in one sequence and how long did it take, Alex? I’m still really interested in giving it a bit of a go but am a bit daunted by the number of images that would need to be taken for a 1 minute sequence.

    1. Hey Distan! 🙂 0 shots! I’m using Magic Lantern for my timelapses. It actually records video at very low fps settings…for this i used 3fps…and it creates the timelapse video automatically. The only downside is that it’s at 1080p…With still images you get higher resolution and more room to post-process but since my 60D is the only camera i have i try not to stress it with still frame timelapses! I’m already at 75.000 clicks, just from my photography…With timelapses, you can easily go over 400frames just to make a video that is a few seconds long…I can’t even calculate how many stills you’ll need for a 1 minute sequence…

      1. Records video at 3fps?! That’s so cool. I’ve got no more excuses left now do I? It was a small concern in the back of my mind about the shutter actuations; this really seals the deal. Thanks heaps (again), Alex.

        1. No, no excuses left! 😀 I could never live without Magic Lantern…and they are now working on making use of the live-view function to take still photos without the shutter moving, producing high resolution .dng files…So it would be the same as making a timelapse using slow fps, no strain on the shutter but you’ll also get high resolution images that you can post-process and do a high quality timelapse at 4K!

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