A little visitor

Little Visitor by V-Light

  Hello my lovely people 😀

  This cute little fellow came to our yard yesterday. My mum found him outside and he wouldn’t go away no matter how close she got to him. When she called me to come, he was already sitting comfortably on her arm. The poor birdie was probably lost or who knows what happened to his family. He looked perfectly healthy and could fly just fine but was definitely hungry as he gobbled down all the little insects we caught for him (or her). He wouldn’t let go of my mum, we had to leave him on that tree a few times until he finally sat there. A few minutes later he flew away. We hope he’s alright and maybe he’ll pay us a visit again 🙂

  Day 4 of the V-Light Art Sale. We are so close to 25% of the funding goal! We can do this! If you ever wanted a signed print of my photos, now is the time! 😉 Help me spread the word by sharing the campaign and remember that even 1$ can help and you still get a very cool perk! Thank you 🙂



2 thoughts on “A little visitor

    1. We have many swallows flying around and building nests close to our house but we cannot get close to them. So it was very cute to see a little swallow from so close 🙂

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