Cathedral of Saint Gregory Palamas

Cathedral of Saint Gregory Palamas by V-Light
A fine example of modern Byzantine art and architecture, located right in the heart of Thessaloniki


Hello my friends πŸ˜€

Β  You don’t know how many times i tried to take a photo of this Cathedral and miserably failed. It’s located on a very busy crossroad and it’s impossible to get a clear shot under normal conditions. In my last visit in Thessaloniki, it was too hot for most people to walk around and it was Sunday so anyone who has a car was probably enjoying his bath at a beach near by. So lucky me, finally got a decent photo of this beautiful building πŸ™‚

Β The Cathedral was built in honor of Saint Gregory Palamas who lived in Thessaloniki from 1325 to 1359. It was built in 1914, by the famous architect Ernst Moritz Theodor Ziller. On the exact same site there used to be a Basilica built in the last years of the 13th century and in the late 16th century it was established as the Metropolitan Church of Thessaloniki but was destroyed in 1890 after a great fire.

Β  By the way, i always thought that with the palm-trees this looks more oriental than Byzantine. I can envision myself walking in a desert in Maroko and coming across this place πŸ˜› Maybe it’s just a mirage though, i’m kinda thirsty as we speak.

Β  Day 5 of the V-Light Art Sale and we reached 26% of the funding goal! Can we go to 50% now? With your help i’m sure it’s possible πŸ™‚ I really appreciate any shares on social media and if you happen to know any people who like to support artists, maybe they could give some extra help. Thank you πŸ˜€


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