Paradise on Earth – Part I

  Kavourotripes is a well hidden paradise located in the middle of Sithonia. Even though access is hard, it’s a very famous destination and a lot of people visit it to enjoy the magical turquoise water and the contrasting white rocks.

  I was hearing a lot about this place and it’s not very far away from where i live but believe me no matter what you hear, or how many gorgeous photos you see, nothing compares to the experience of actually being there. I can confirm that now that i’ve been there 🙂 It was magical. A paradise on earth. So many saturated colors, your eyes would have a hard time to conceive that they are real…

  To reach this well hidden gem, you need to leave your car in a dirt road in the forest and walk all the way down. The most approachable place is the most crowded as well. It’s a little beach enclave, the only place there with sand and even has a little bar and a ship that transfers people to a second beach enclave many meters away. Since i treasure my personal space and prefer to hear the tunes of cicadas instead of babies crying and people’s cacophonic compositions, we took the hard approach and walked a lot to reach this beautiful area pictured in the gallery below. There was a lonely tree at the edge of the rocky cliff, providing some much needed shade and an excellent place to rest.

  I took a few photos of the surrounding environment but it didn’t take long, to decide that it was time for that long awaited swim. We climbed down some rocks and left our stuff down there at the water level. Some flat rocks, provided an excellent surface for that but my tender feet still complained about their roughness. There were many sea urchins around adding a bit of danger to the whole experience but with waters so crystal clear you could easily see where it was safe to step to.

  Need i explain, the feeling of refreshed happiness when my sunburned skin was surrounded by the therapeutic turquoise water? I leave that for your imagination…And i’ll end this post here leaving you wanting more…Cause we all know that part I means that there is a part II coming up soon…

Enjoy in full screen gallery view 😉


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19 thoughts on “Paradise on Earth – Part I

  1. hehehe, such a great description 🙂 “………………instead of babies crying and people’s cacophonic compositions” hehehehe 🙂 And you forgot about the “restaurant” with the best view, under the shadows of the tree 🙂 Great photos as always 🙂

  2. What a beautiful set of images. Besides sharing your little hidden paradise, you also proved, again, that not all great landscape photography needs to happen during the golden hours at dawn and sunset. The midday light is perfect for this beautiful spot. I love the lonely tree and number 11 makes me want to try out that turquoise right now. Thanks for sharing these images.

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words Rich 🙂 Softer light would have been great, or more clouds but i had no other choice. It was a quick road trip, we started in the morning, returned at night…I took some sunset shots at another beach, not so magnificent but they turned out pretty nice 🙂

  3. so wonderful, beautiful, Alexandra. I really envy you. I also like some very calm and abandoned places without crying babies etc. Have a nice week-end, regards Mitza

    1. Thank you Mitza 😀 I cannot believe that i had this place so close by and never went there in 29 years. Better later than never, i guess 🙂 Have a beautiful weekend as well!

    1. 😀 Thank you very much! I’m working on part II at the moment. I find it hard to post-process these images because the colors are naturally so saturated, it’s crazy! It was my first time there, even though i live in the first leg of Halkidiki…I will definitely visit again when i can!

    1. 😀 Thank you! I am known for my great patience 😛 I still have to upload part II but haven’t finished with the editing…I just extended the art sale and did some special offers, so all my focus and time is going there. To be honest i’ll be glad when this is over and i can finally pack my stuff and leave for Austria 😀

      1. Yes…I can guess how you feel..
        Waiting for something to happen when you’re desperate for change can be a real head-fuck.
        I’ve put a link on my (very limited I’m afraid) facebook page about your art sale…I’m not a big facebooker but at least one person has reposted it…I really hope these final stages go well for you.
        Keep at it Alex…Not long to go.

        1. It’s been a month now that i spend my time exclusively on the art sale. I think i burned 80% of my brain so far…hehe. Not too sound ungrateful because it is amazing that i got to 75% and i can actually move to Austria but my patience on some matters has been diminished. I am receiving some very annoying and degrading comments from a stalker…I ignore them but it’s not any fun anymore.

          Thank you for sharing the campaign! 😀 The number of friends on facebook doesn’t really mean anything. You might have a few but who care about what you post and that’s more valuable. I have 700+ friends…If everyone of them contributed just 1$ i’d already reach my goal…But only about 10 of them got involved with sharing the campaign and those 10 people are mostly people who are very close to me. This campaign really showed me who are my friends…You know some people who i thought i could count on, didn’t even share it, nor commented on my try to make this happen.

          1. Hey there Alex
            If anything I share, Facebook or otherwise, helps you reach that 100% I’ll be happy….75% is great but anything less would be a shame after you have worked so hard to make this happen…Keep at it and ignore any negative shit that might get thrown up…..especially any stalking type nonsense…people that weak and pathetic aren’t worth a thing…Simply ignore, they’ll sooner or later crawl back under their damp little stone.
            Keep smiling Alex……Strudel, snow and all sorts of good things just around the corner.

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