Art Sale for a New Life – 4 days left



Hello my friends 😀

  Only 4 days left for the campaign to end and we have reached 72%! I couldn’t be happier and i feel so grateful for all your support! 😀 I think it’s still possible to reach 100%, so that IndieGogo doesn’t keep 9%. If the goal is reached the fee is only 4%. Sharing and contributing even 1$ is still very much appreciated. The number of contributors is more important than what they contribute for the campaign to stay high in the trending list. And i do need a lot of names so i can make a cool artwork as promised, featuring the names of all the contributors. So please do not hesitate to contribute even 1$ and get the Artist Supporter perk 🙂

 I’m also editing the photos for the Paradise on Earth – Part II post…If you haven’t seen Part I, check it out now: Paradise on Earth – Part I

Yours truly,

Alex V-Light

Join me on this adventure 😀


4 thoughts on “Art Sale for a New Life – 4 days left

    1. Yes, 9% is high but if you reach your goal that 4% doesn’t sound so bad 🙂 Indiegogo lets you choose between flexible and fixed funding. I chose flexible, which means i get to keep all the money. I thought it was important that i should be able to send out the prints even if i don’t reach my goal and any amount of money i can gather would help my move anyway. Fixed funding would be too dangerous for this, you put so much work in the campaign and if you miss 1$ before the end you lose everything…

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