Art Sale for a New Life – Extended + Special Offer

Hello my dear friends 😀

  Well, since the campaign was ending in less than 2 days and i have already reached 75% of my goal, which makes me incredibly happy, i have decided to extend the campaign for one more week and do some special offers.

  I genuinely want to share my art with people and i think this is a great opportunity for you to get a signed print from me. I lowered the prices to hopefully make them more affordable to all of you. I really do want you to have a nice print in your hands, something that will remind you your participation in this adventure with me 🙂


  Please spread the news about this special offer! Tell your friends about it, maybe if they were thinking to get a print, they will be more motivated to do so now.

  This is a final offer, the campaign will end in August 21st. There won’t be any more extensions.

  It is an offer that will not be repeated! So act NOW! 😀

Yours truly,

Alex V-Light


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