Hello from Austria!!!


Hellooooooo my dear friends… Long time no see…

  This is officially my first post from Vienna, Austria! I’m really sorry that this took so long and mostly i’m sorry for being totally absent from the wordpress community…I really missed you all and it really frustrated me that I could not see your posts. I didn’t have an internet connection at the house that i’m temporarily staying and generally many things didn’t go as planned… One of the most annoying things that happened was that my computer had a problem on arrival and it took me 2 weeks to fix it…It turned out the graphics card didn’t like the Austrian climate and decided to call it quits causing constant freezes, driver crashes and even not letting the pc boot at all…

  Only yesterday I was able to start editing some photos that I had already taken in my first days in Vienna and today i finally have internet. So V-Light is back in business! 😀 I’m currently on the search for another house and a roommate and at the same time searching for a job, as you can imagine all that without internet has been almost impossible. I’ve been spending my time at shopping malls using their free wireless internet with my smartphone…Oh well, it’s actually a good excuse for people watching…hehe…

  Never thought that a move comes along with such a chaos…But things are falling to place and even though everything was greatly delayed, it is now moving forward… I am positive that very soon everything will be back on full speed and i’m really looking forward to see what I missed from you all and to share with you my news and photos from my new life here 😀

  To everyone who participated in the “Art Sale for a New Life” campaign, i want to thank you once again and i hope you all got your prints by now, please let me know! 😀 More updates are coming in the following days…

  So, here is one of the first photos that I took while exploring the neighboorhood 😀 A beautiful sunset at the Donau river, i can easily say it was magical…

Yours truly,

Alex V-Light

Sit back and enjoy the view…



27 thoughts on “Hello from Austria!!!

    1. Thank you very much! 😀 It’s a lovely city and even though i’m half Austrian it’s my first time actually being in Vienna…I think i made a good choice of deciding to move here!

  1. Hi Alexandra, good to know that you reached Austria savely. I just passed Vienna some days ago flying home from Kefalonia. Hope you get your problems solved soonest and stay in good spirits and mood. Thumbs up for you, regards Mitza

    1. Thank you so much Mitza 😀 How was your time in Kefalonia? I will check out your posts to see what i missed 😉 I hope you had a nice time there and that the weather helped! It’s still pretty nice even here in Vienna!

      1. Kefalonia is always so overwhelming in good or bad things. Weather was fine except storm rainfall twice. Never saw so much rain in my life! Very nice people always but very sad animals. This will be different in Vienna. Must be a wonderful town. I’m just photo-shopping my 870 photos. Still have so many from last year. I just blogged a poem and photo challenge from Greece, warm regards Mitza

    1. Thank you Robert! 😀 It’s good to know that i have been missed! I really missed being active on here and seeing all the posts from the special people i follow 😉

    1. Thank you Stuart! 😀 Well, you first have to call in the swans by feeding them Apfelstrudels and then the magic begins! But it’s a secret….don’t let anyone know that i told you!….

    1. 😀 Thank youuuu! Hahaha, well the joys of moving could have gone a bit smoother but what can we do…I don’t complain, at least i made it here in one piece…hehe! Thank you for your wishes! I appreciate it a lot!

    1. Thank you so much! 😀 It’s great to finally be here and i already took a ton of photos that i need to work and upload! I hope you’ll enjoy them! Many many warm greetings from Vienna!

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