Donau Sunset

Donau Sunset by V-Light

  One of the first things that i loved about Vienna is the amazing nature that surrounds it. The Danube (Donau) river runs across the city and brings so much beauty to the urban environment. There is so much life around it and even inside…

  My relaxing walk used to be at the waterfront of Thessaloniki, now my relaxing walk takes place here and i already received so much openness and positivity that i can only believe that things will be better from now on! 😀 One thing i won’t miss about Greece is the misery and the never-smiling faces… Here people say hello and smile at you without even knowing you! I suddenly feel like i’m the grumpy one cause i’m not used to this and i’m slow to smile back…but this is something that i can certainly get used to 😀

All rights reserved © V-Light


17 thoughts on “Donau Sunset

    1. Thank you Lia 😀 Well, people here don’t seem so excited to be living in Vienna…but i guess that’s because they always find something to complain about. I’m still really excited and happy to see fresh things and have totally different surroundings to photograph. I didn’t get bored 7 years in Thessaloniki…I don’t think i’ll get bored of Vienna anytime soon! 😉

    1. Thank you Nathan! Yes, the sky was pretty weird, it had rained a few minutes ago and the sunset gave a golden hue to the bottom of the image but the upper part was cold…I did enhance it a bit in post-process of course 🙂

    1. Thank you Diana 😀 Vienna is a beautiful city, i still have a lot to explore! So far i’m really drawn by the nature around it rather than city center…It’s been so much photographed that i’m looking for my own inspiring moment to shoot it 🙂

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