2 months in Vienna!!!


Lost in Vienna, Photo by Johann Kainz
Lost in Vienna, photo by Johann Kainz


  Today I celebrate my 2 months of being in Vienna. Now that the initial excitement is starting to fade and reality kicks in, feelings are mixed. To begin with, i had so many distractions and things I needed to get done when I got here that I had no time for me. I started feeling the consequences of that both physically but also mentally and so i’m now focusing on finding my flow again, getting on a productive mood and finally organizing my new life. I’ve left so many things on a standstill that it’s overwhelming to choose where to start from but it all needs to be done…So no more excuses!  😉

  Life in Vienna, has been an interesting experience so far. I’m starting to view the not so great sides of the city but overall i’m very happy here and didn’t think twice about my choice. There are many opportunities and creative outlets that in Greece just don’t exist. Talking about creative, you may have noticed that I haven’t uploaded many photos yet and that is with a reason. I don’t want to upload your classic “tourist snapshots” of all the famous landmarks and sights. I’m still in search of my own Vienna, I want to deliver it to you through my V-Light eyes and give you my perspective.

  But that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been shooting at all. Actually, I recently had a beautiful collaboration with a blogger called “The Viennese girl”. Silia is Greek and has been living in Vienna for a little more than 3 years, her story is quite interesting as well. On her blog she writes tasteful posts with tips and recommendations about places she visited in the city. Well, it’s definitely worth a look if you’d like to see Vienna through her eyes, perhaps in a more romantic and colorful way than what i am going to show you 😛

 I had the pleasure of doing some photos to accompany her feature about the Falkensteiner Hotel in Bad Walterdorf. You can visit the links bellow to see what we made 😀








21 thoughts on “2 months in Vienna!!!

  1. Hard to believe that two months has passed – from this side of things it seems just like last week. Yes it does take a bit of time to find your own space in a new locale, but you will get there. Just so much to do… 🙂

  2. Hi Alexandra, you really have changed on your photo, grown up a bit. I’m looking forward to your new photos and wish you a good time in Vienna. Warm regards Mitza

    1. Hello Mitza 😀 I think it’s the hair…When i let it down i look like 13 years old again…ahahaha… Thank you for all your wishes, i will start posting more photos from Monday! I have so much to edit…will use the weekend for that 😉 Many greetings from the cold Vienna!

    1. I actually do cut my hair all by myself! I don’t trust hairdressers, they are evil and gossipy 😛 But no my necklace is totally harmless, i just wear it so people think i’m dangerous and badass! Well, i went for a walk yesterday to one of the biggest parks in Vienna, Stadtpark and i got really inspired after having a talk with my friends, the ducks. So, cool V-Light Vienna photos are coming up! 😀

    1. Thank you very much! I haven’t experienced a lot of the frustrating side yet but visiting your blog and reading a few things i do now understand why you say that. I’m glad though that things are going well for you now and you managed to overcome so many obstacles 🙂 For me Austria was a relatively easy choice, i’m half Austrian, i know the language, i have relatives not very far from Vienna…Leaving a wrecked economy in Greece and coming here seemed like a logical thing to do. There are a lot more opportunities here and as a photographer, i feel i have more options to express myself creatively 🙂

      1. I’m sure you’ll find your way…we all do, it just takes time. As you mentioned, you have the luck of knowing the language.
        I recently had the privilege of visiting one of your beautiful islands, befriending a few of your countrymen, and seeing the effects of the current economic status. I understand your choice and wish you all success with it.

    1. I know 🙂 But i’m always a bit impatient and my excitement of being here doesn’t help…hehe 😀 Yes, i’m trying to meet new people and see what can we do together. I find people here are more open to collaborating, it’s a culture that doesn’t really exist in Greece…

    1. Thank you very much Monika! 😀 It’s just starting to get more and more interesting as i get to know Vienna! Couldn’t be happier with all the new possibilities!

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