Uniqa Tower

Uniqa Tower by V-Light

  When you think about Vienna, you think classic and romantic but Vienna is making a move towards the new era. Skyscrapers and modern glass buildings are making their presence known in the Vienna skyline and i think they blend rather well with the rest of the environment.

  The Uniqa Tower was build in a little less than 3 years (October 2001 – June 2004) by the architect Heinz Neumann. It’s not one of the highest buildings, at 75meters it ranks number 28 in the list but i still think it’s quite impressive. We will visit many, if not all of the top ranked buildings in the Vienna highest list in future posts. I cannot lie, i’m a sucker when it comes to shiny reflecting things! 😀

All rights reserved © V-Light


8 thoughts on “Uniqa Tower

    1. Thank you Draco 😀 Well i don’t think it will be lost…there is not really much place for anything new to be built in the historical center, so most of these skyscrapers appear in the sides of the city 🙂

    1. 😀 There are many lovely buildings but i find it very hard to take good photos of them. In most cases i need a more wide-angle lens and also these trolley cables are so annoying…they are everywhere!

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