Which way do we go now?

Which way do we go now by V-Light
As the light is slowly fading, do we follow the tracks or should we allow ourselves to get lost?


  Having recently moved to a new town like Vienna, i do feel lost but somehow i’m not compelled to follow the tracks… Taking each day as something unknown, meeting new and peculiar people, searching for kindred souls, collecting smiles and meaningful or not looks from strangers, getting lost in streets while having no idea where they will lead, literally and figuratively…

  Even when things don’t go as planned…Mama said “Just keep walking” and that’s what i do best…

  Wishing you all a beautiful and heart-warming December. If it’s the month of magic and miracles as they say, i wish you will all get to experience that wonder 😀

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18 thoughts on “Which way do we go now?

  1. Lovely light! I really like taking the tram or the subway to the end of the line just to see where I end up sometimes. I have less time for that sort of activity now, but it’s really cool to discover new places 🙂

    1. 😀 Exactly! I still do it cause there are many places that i haven’t seen yet and it keeps my mind off the real responsibilities that i have to face now that i live alone in a foreign country…haha 😛

  2. I’m guessing from your comment that this was dusk, but it could just as easily be dawn, which kinda works for your current situation. 🙂
    Keep pounding the pathways Alex……There’s always something around the corner.
    Have a great December.

    1. Thank you Stuart! It was dusk, yes 🙂 I’m thinking of waking up earlier so i can make some dawn photos without people ruining my shots! 😛 Have a great December too 😀

    1. Indeed 🙂 Well, 2014 has been a year with many big changes…I can safely say it was my most productive year so far. I will gladly make a review at the end of the year and for the first time not feel like i wasted a year…

  3. Great shot, and all power to your pavement-pounding! Have a great December….oh, and I am envious of you in Vienna, I’ll have to come and visit haha!

    1. Thank you dear Sue 🙂 When you come for a visit, let me know, i’ll gladly show you around! All the pavement-pounding is paying off with discovering so many out of the path places! 😉

  4. Don’t things work out for you, the way you did expect?
    A start from the scratch must be hard sometimes: Unknown town, nearly new language, new work (?), no friends, sometimes bursting plans…
    I wish you, that your wishes will fulfill in this miraculous time! Don’t be discouraged!
    Will you meet your family during Christmas time? Hope so! 🙂
    Greetings from Stefan

    1. Hello dear Stefan,

      Thank you for all the wishes 😀
      Nothing worked out the way it was planned but i keep moving on and trying to find solutions along the way. I didn’t come here to have to return back 😉 The most important thing is to find a job soon…which proved a lot harder than i thought… During Christmas i’ll probably stay here, maybe visit my relatives in Gmunden but i cannot go back to Greece to see my family. I hope you’ll have a great December as well 🙂

  5. Hi Alexandra, wonderful how you describe your new life and how you live in Vienna. There must be a lot of interesting old things to see. I hope soon you will have a job there. Your photo is beautiful.
    Many greetings from the north Mitza

    1. 😀 Hey Mitza!

      There are many beautiful things in Vienna! Now it’s kinda hard to get good photos of buildings though cause of the christmas markets that are everywhere on the streets… In they day they look awful, i have to start shooting at night for the lights and all the magic that Vienna is well known about 🙂 Wishing you a great month! 😀

      1. I’m pretty sure that I would love Vienna, specially because it is so decadent and surely has some wonderful decaying places for me. Might be possible that I will spend some days there once. Then I will inform you. Have a wonderful Sunday and good luck for everything you want. By the way, my blog memory is filled-up and I’m very sad that I have to make a new blog now, but will write the name to all my followers. Regards Mitza

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