Everything the sky is trying to tell…

  Sometimes it can happen that you are on your way to do some groceries shopping, the sky is pretty plain but cloudy, you step in the super market, you take your time buying stuff, step out of the super market and suddenly you see this insane sky, with colors and shapes you never experienced before…

  What you do?

  • Option 1: Enjoy the sky as you carelessly get back home
  • Option 2: Take out your smartphone and get a lousy snapshot and tell all your friends on Instagram that it was really a lot better than the photo
  • Option 3: Just ignore it and make fun of all the other people who stare at the sky like they are on drugs
  • Option 4: Run like hell, i mean like your butt is on fire, get home, throw all your groceries on the floor (that gouda can wait), grab your camera, fly down the stairs and run like hell again so you can find some decent spots to take some shots before this insane sky disappears.

  Obviously i took option 4 (although i’m guilty of option 2 as well) and therefore i present to you a slideshow of some quick shots i took while trying to catch my breath! Enjoy 😀

P.S. All photos were taken handheld and post-processed in Lightroom from a single RAW file, no HDR. What do you think?

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27 thoughts on “Everything the sky is trying to tell…

  1. I am so happy that your sky is this remarkable! I remember you saying that the sky in Greece is kind of predictable. These are beautiful photos, Alex!

    1. Hello dear Nathan!

      It’s so great to hear from you! I will write you an e-mail soon and send you your little surprise video as well! 😀 The sky here is really amazing and not only the sky… I feel so refreshed to have so many new places to explore and photograph! Vienna and i have been getting along real great! 😀

    1. 😀 I just love how such a sky can make a boring subject suddenly look so much better. I’m always after special skies in my photos, that’s why i usually don’t post that often.

        1. Exactly 😀 All these photos were taken within 10 minutes, then it was all gone, as you can see in the last one which i took before going home again, it all got blue and gray…

    1. Thank you Sue 😀 I really did but it was totally worth it! I don’t know if this is a common thing here to have such skies but from now on i will be out and about one hour before sunset so i won’t miss such an opportunity again 😉

    1. Hello Keren 😀 Thank you very much for your comment! I was running around with my jaw dropped as well cause i couldn’t believe that a sky could ever be like that! But i’m very happy with these photos and that’s a rare thing for me to say cause i’m never content 😛 Wishing you a great Sunday! Many greetings!

  2. OMG, Alex, you really outdid yourself with these images! I love them, particularly the first one in the series. I see that you are a steady hand kind of girl. Love it!

    1. Thank you so much Kongo! 😀 The first one is my favorite as well, it was actually the very first photo i took! I don’t know about the steady hands, i usually have very shaky hands, i could never be a surgeon! Hehe! 😛 But i guess i was so focused and into the moment that my hands decided to co-operate! 🙂 Most shots were taken with a speed of 1/30s…

  3. wonderful photos, Alexandra. This sky was really worth running like your butt was on fire, and as you are still young, I see you survived it. I’m not sure if I would survive it, hehe. Sometimes the sky is so beautiful that you think the Creator had some extraordinary colors on his color palette this day. Warm regards Mitza

    1. Hehe, thank you very much dear Mitza! 😀 Yes, i survived but going up to the 4th floor without an elevator after all this running was a bit too much! I had to put my butt on the sofa and sit for a few minutes until i fully recovered 😛
      I’m very glad that you enjoyed them though, it was really worth all the trouble! 😀 And yes, the Creator sometimes seems to be in an extremely creative mood, or on drugs…hahaha 😛 Either way, such skies are always welcome and us photographers live for them 😀 Best regards and have a great week!

  4. Amazing! I sadly totally missed it since I had a meeting and just was informed by it on Instagram when everyone posted about this beautiful sky 😉 totally can see myself doing number 4 as well, nothing matters if you need to catch a beautiful sunset 🙂

    1. Awww, that really sucks! Well, it was for the better that you didn’t see it, if i was in a meeting and saw such a sky i would totally ditch the meeting and choose option 4…hahaha 😀 I hope you could at least enjoy some nice photos, i’m sure many people photographed this event, i stumbled upon quite a few photographers on my frantic quest to take some decent shots 😀

      1. Yes that or the situation that I would have been reaaaally distracted and totally unproductive because of my desire to take a picture and my obligation to stay haha Yes most of the pictures are really amazing and the sky in a lovely pink 🙂

  5. Another big thumbs up from me Alex……(though I do feel sorry for the Gouda).
    I still haven’t got around to getting a copy of Lightroom but seeing results like these is giving me yet another shove in that direction….If you’d have said they were done from bracketed shots I’d have still loved them, but to get these results from single frames is really impressive.

    1. Thank you Stuart! 😀

      I find that in the latest version of Lightroom you can really push the limits of the raw files without losing that much quality. All the shots were underexposed so the sky was exposed right and i could recover the shadows to a very impressive degree! 😀 There is still noise in the photos but i think these results look more natural than if i had made them HDR.

      1. Certainly at my screens resolution the noise is not an issue at all, that slight ‘graininess’ is actually rather nice…. 🙂
        And yes, HDR so often looks TOO hyper-real…These, though not completely naturalistic, don’t overstep the mark….Good decisions all round.
        What iso and white balance settings did you use?

        1. Iso was between 500-800 in most shots. As for white balance i had actually forgotten it at Tungsten Light from some indoor shots i took the night before…but it surprisingly worked out great for the sky so i didn’t change it during the raw processing. I just added some warmth later on using the adjustment brush on the clouds and on the buildings, cause it was all a bit too blue!

          1. White balance is the thing I most often forget…. 😦
            With post processing, it’s rarely the end of the world, but sometimes (like with these), it can work to your advantage….All of the window lights and vehicle lights sit SO well with what the sky is doing….Knockout!
            Have a great week Alex, I hope the skies keep doing their thing.

            1. I usually leave it on Auto to tell you my sin and since i always shoot raw i fix it later! I’m really a lazy bum…
              Have a great week too Stuart! And thank for the wish, that’s the best wish ever! 😉 May miss Jessica Rabbit always flutter her eyelashes to you!

    1. 😀 hehe, gouda went straight into the fridge when i got home and later that evening i had my two toasts and cup of tea enjoying the photos i just made 😀 I’m really happy with the results and i’m rarely that happy but the sky was extraordinary!

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