The towers of nature

The Towers of Nature by V-Light
08.01.2015 | Donaupark, Vienna, Austria

Hello my lovely people,

  So i listened to many of your recent comments suggesting that black and white would be a good way to go for snowy landscapes with an empty and mundane sky and even though i’m not a big fan of B&W, (i love my crazy colors), i gave it a try. This is another panoramic photo, made by combining 8 horizontal frames at 17mm, taken handheld. I think B&W suits it perfectly since there was barely any color in the original photo. Those trees were huge by the way and from that perspective the 252meter tall Donau Tower seems tiny…

  Thank you for all for your suggestions and thoughtful comments. Sometimes we get so stuck in our own routine and it’s just great to receive such beautiful suggestions ♥

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15 thoughts on “The towers of nature

    1. Thank you Tina 😀 It was weird to be the only one walking out there…You’d think that in such a big city like Vienna you’d be surrounded by people all the time but i actually love it when i get to have a place just for myself 😀

  1. Hi Alex!
    I would have set more black to the tree tops during the b/w conversion, to offset them from the sky, but I like the arrangement! I think you’ll get familiar to b/w shots 😉
    Really strange to see no more people in the park. The viennese seem to be couch potatoes during winter 😀

    1. Hello Stefan 😀
      Thank you for the suggestion. I don’t know if it changes anything but i was actually snowing when i took the photos, so that’s why the trees don’t seem that black. In the full resolution file you can see the snowflakes falling 😀 The Viennese are weird, it has happened that i have been to very central places and was totally alone…especially on Sunday mornings…but that’s great for me cause i can take the photos i want, without people in them! 😉

    1. 😀 Thank you! Yeah, those trees are really nice, aren’t they? They did really stand out and there were many other trees around…but those two got my attention!

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