Show me your colors

Show me your colors by V-Light

  After all the colorless and snowy photos, i felt the need to upload something warmer and vibrant. I’m still searching for my Vienna, but at a moment like this one, when the sky burns and colors explode into a crazy dance that changes its tune every few minutes, to eventually fade away as the darkness takes over…This, this is when i feel i’m getting closer to my goal…

All rights reserved © V-Light


7 thoughts on “Show me your colors

    1. Thank you matey 😀 I really believe i need a super-wide angle lens to find it…hahaha! I have found so many great spots and architecture but my 17-70mm doesn’t cut it… A 10mm would be awesome 😉

      1. Lol yeah that would be nice! If you do find one, could you do me a favor? Buy one for me too and mail it to me hahaha 😀 I kid, I kid! xD
        Oh by the way Alex, do you use Etsy?

        1. Haha, will do! Cause i’m gonna be rich, don’t know why, i just know it! 😛 I have an Etsy account actually but never really used it…Do you?

          1. I’m counting on that, plus i also need a super wide lens!! 😀 lol
            Nope, just wanted to know the opinion of a photographer i value so i thought of you lol 🙂 It’s not very easy to sell photography online, is it?

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