Photography St.

Photography St. by V-Light
01.03.2015 | Westbahnstraße, Vienna, Austria


Hello my dear friends,

  The sun has been shinning like crazy these past few days ☀️, a bit too much for my photography taste! You know me, i need my clouds☁️… So when i’m not out sunbathing, i’m going through older shots and finding a few worth uploading, like this one maybe! This street is full of photography related shops, i’m sure you can recognize the Leica store on the left. It’s a beautiful street but terrible for people who suffer from GAS syndrome! No, don’t worry if you ate too many beans for dinner, i’m talking about Gear Acquisition Syndrome 😛 Yeah, that’s a thing…Best prevention medicine? Having no money of course…No Money, no GAS! Another tip, refrain yourself from window shopping, your heart will weep a little with those prices…

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13 thoughts on “Photography St.

  1. Photography Str???? wanna goo too!! 🙂 This street otherwise has such a ‘déjà vu’ feeling to it! and I smiled when I read ‘too much for my photography taste – I need my clouds’ that was so cute! Tschüß 😛

    1. ^^’ awww, i’m gonna blush! I really like this street and there are so many photography goodies in those stores, it’s torture! They need to make a photographers coffee shop so we can meet up and organize a big heist XD

      1. What a great idea!! “Photographers-Coffee-Shop” wowzers! 😀
        haha hold on, in my knowledge in Eng, heist means a robbery or thief? haha that is what you meant?! 😛 I thought we would talk of Photography but okay 😉
        and btw me too; never was into “girlie shops” etc, I SO MUCH MORE prefer a Photography Str! Ever noticed, when fashionable stores have sales, well photo-gear-stores, like never?! grrrrr….. ha ha

        1. Hahaha, yes, i meant robbery but shhh…don’t tell anyone! XD Oh yeah, sales would be great idea actually, like why can i buy a pants at 70% off and not a Canon camera at 70% off? Pfff…

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