Gloomy Donau Canal

Gloomy Donau Canal by V-Light
15.03.2015 | Vienna, Austria

Hello my dear friends,

  As much as i enjoy sunny weather, when it comes to my photography i prefer this kind of weather! Gloomy, about to rain and really dramatic! ☁ ☁ ☁ I cannot help but feel that it gives another dimension to otherwise not so interesting themes. What do you think? Am i the only one who gets inspired by this kind of weather? Let me know if i’m crazy or not! Hahaha! XD


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22 thoughts on “Gloomy Donau Canal

  1. Chaq’un a son gout, Alexandra. For me the sky has to be blue like in Greece. I don’t like this grey sky we have here, but sometimes – as you say – it’s good to make photos. Your photo is wonderful. Hope you are fine, regards Mitza

      1. What are you ladies talking about? 😛 Even google translate is confused! Hahaha! Thanks for your comment Mitza! 😀 A blue sky is only good with big white fluffy clouds! 😀 When it’s just blue, i find it boring for photos…I will go out and enjoy my walk and the blue sky but i won’t even bother to carry my dslr with me! 😛 But that’s just me!

        1. It is a FR expression, and you know how expressions are hard (sometimes not even possible) to translate.. It means “to each his own”, basically we all have our tastes and that is all good 🙂

  2. I do like dramatic skies but I get nervous about being caught in the rain. I hate having to constantly wipe the lens front when it’s wet. I’d really like to capture a storm front that was rolling in off the sea at Bondi or Bronte beach here in Australia. I just never seem to be in the right place at the right time. My favorite skies have to be those with broken cloud cover – they’re the easiest to work with when taking landscape shots in my neck of the woods.

    1. Thank you for your comment Distan! 😀 Rain of course is a problem! I always carry an umbrella in my backpack so i can at least find some cover but you can’t really enjoy taking photos that way. Storms are a great opportunity for photos too but as you say, you need to be really lucky and be at the right place at the right time! Just keep trying and going after them 😀 Here the weather is very mild, we didn’t have any storms yet…would be interesting to see if Austrian storms are different from Greek ones 😛

      1. Judging from some of the photos you’ve shared in the past of storms rolling in over the sea in Greece, they’re very similar. One day I’ll capture something similar I hope. Fingers crossed 😉

        1. 😀 I wish you the best of luck! The feeling of knowing you are at the right place at the right time and you are going to go home with great shots is amazing! Such storms are very rare here though… I think you have more chances there 😉

  3. I like weather like that! 😀 And yes, you’re crazy Lol 😉
    Beautiful photo, I especially like the reflections! 😀 Believe it or not, at first i thought it was a street! I was thinking “Wow look at those reflections of the boat on the street, that’s awesome!… wait a minute, boat on the street? this cannot be!, it’s… it’s impossible! Oh, it’s water lol”. All this to say: Great work! 😀

    1. Thank you matey for confirming my suspicions! XD Hehehe! The water was oddly reflective, like a mirror, maybe the grey sky helped…I also photographed a glass building and it looks like it’s made from metal, cause it’s all grey and reflective! I’ve never seen this building look like that! That will be my next upload!

  4. You are not crazy, or you are and I am too – that is why I like this mentality, haha sounds confusing! and I can understand!! Also more challenging when not everything is under the sun and blue sky etc etc .. As Photography-lovers we love challenges, don’t we 😛

    1. I think we are both a little crazy…hehehe! You cannot be a serious photographer and not be crazy! 😛 Oh yeah and i love challenges as well! I always had a thing for problem solving! 😀 When i was still in school and happened to be sick with fever, i did math so i could feel better! Now you must think i’m absolutely crazy! XD

  5. Alex, you could be quoting me with your statement above about weather. Not only does bad weather provide great light, but it also influences our mood as well making us think differently about what we are dong. By the way I love this image and your bold leading lines make it so much nicer.

    1. Thank you very much Rich 😀 Glad to know i’m not the one who feels that way! As you said, i also feel a shift in my mood, maybe more emotional and more connected with the enviroment! It’s hard to explain but when it’s sunny that feeling just isn’t there…These last days the weather has been cloudy and rainy, with beautiful clouds and i’m out every afternoon taking photos and feeling good about them! 😀 I’ll try to edit some during the weekend so i can post a few during the move 🙂

      1. I would love to see those photographs because I can relate totally to your statement about not feeling that emotional connection with a sunny day. While everyone rejoices on a bright sunny day, I guess we are the strange people hoping for a few interesting clouds to show up.

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