Raiffeisen Tower

15.03.2015 | Vienna, Austria
15.03.2015 | Vienna, Austria


   The Raiffeisen Tower, built in 2010-2012, conquers position number 25 in the list of the highest buildings in Vienna. Measuring 78meters height and featuring 22 floors that house only offices, it might not win you over with its size but for me it’s a winner when it comes to design! A creation of architects: Dieter Hayde, Ernst Maurer, Radovan Tajder, the Raiffeisen Tower is a beauty standing right next to the Donau canal, reflecting its mood and mirroring every precious moment of the day.

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6 thoughts on “Raiffeisen Tower

    1. Thank you dear Mitza! 😀 The weather unfortunately is not that great here either! Rain and strong winds for the whole week, doesn’t help when you have to move! 😛

    1. It’s definitely very shiny! I’m really obsessed with this building, i take a new photo of it almost every other day! Maybe i’ll make a feature post with all its different moods 🙂

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