Welcome to my garden

Welcome to my garden by V-Light Photography
“Welcome to my garden, human!” | Schönbrunn Palace, Vienna, Austria


Hello my dear friends,

  I know i disappeared again, might have a good reason for it or not 😛 I recently purchased a new lens, the Canon EF-S 10-18mm f/4.5-5.6 IS STM and i’ve been out every day shooting and exploring the city from scratch with my new ultra-wide eye! 😀 For such an affordable lens, i’m very impressed by its quality! I’ve been wanting an ultra-wide lens since forever and i cannot tell you how happy i am that i could finally get one! It has opened a whole new world of photographic possibilities and you are in for a treat! 😀 Hope you’ve all been doing well, will do my best to catch up again! ^^'

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23 thoughts on “Welcome to my garden

    1. Thank you Sue! 😀 I must admit, Vienna has been treating me very well! I will be posting more photos of Schönbrunn in the next days! I was blessed with an awesome sky during my last visit and i’m very happy with the results! 😀

        1. 😀 I will make sure you won’t be disappointed! I spent more than 4 hours walking around the gardens and taking photos, so you can be sure i got some really nice shots to show 😉

            1. I actually got it for like 230$, found it on a discount…So for that little money, this lens is absolutely amazing! 😀 😀 😀 It really enables me to take shots that i previously couldn’t! I usually shot at the widest angle possible with my 17-70mm Sigma lens…being able to go even wider, is so awesome!

              1. Sounds like you definitely got yourself a gem there! My widest lens is 12mm, but I have been hearing a lot about fisheye lenses recently…not sure that’s for me, but I might borrow one for fun!

                1. I think 12mm might be enough actually! This photo was taken at 10mm and you can see the distortion on the edges…doesn’t bother me, i think it adds to the look…but anything wider would be too much. As you say, a fish eye could be great just for fun, why not? 🙂

    1. Thank you Mitza! 😀 I love ducks in general, so i was only happy to include this one in my photo! Hehe! Hope you are doing well, best regards, Alex

        1. That is really nice to hear! 😀 Hope your productive mood lasts you for a long time! 😉 I’m definitely in the zone as well…the new lens really helped…There were so many things in the city that i couldn’t shoot as i wanted, that’s why i didn’t post anything from inside the city…but now i can 😀 So i’m super excited and motivated to do so! Kind greetings! 😀

    1. Thank you Beatrice! 😀 I was really blessed with an amazing sky that day, actually it was yesterday! Got 16GB worth of photos only from that visit, so i have a lot of stuff to upload 😉

        1. Hahaha! That’s why i don’t go on holidays! 😛 I’m trying to take less photos, cause my hard drives are also full… 3TB! Pfff… It’s terrible really 😛

  1. You’re using the lens like you’ve had it for ages. A new lens really opens up your eye to new possibilities.

    I hope the killer duck didn’t give you too much trouble. 🙂

    1. 😀 Indeed! I guess that’s because i always shoot at the widest i could with my previous lens and i envisioned many scenes even wider…So it was easy to adapt! The duck was just too cute! I love ducks…we are basically cousins! Hahaha!

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