Hello Schönbrunn!

Hello Schönbrunn by V-Light Photography

  A different view of the Schönbrunn palace, taken from inside a water fountain with my new ultra wide angle lens 😀 Did i already say how much i love it? If not, i really do! More photos of the Schönbrunn palace are coming up! Have a great weekend my friends!

All rights reserved © V-Light


17 thoughts on “Hello Schönbrunn!

    1. Thank you Sue! 😀 Well, believe it or not there were only a few people there. The sky makes it look like a nice day but it was actually very windy and cold, not that pleasant as it may seem. I was actually very happy about the lack of crowds cause i managed to take a lot of photos without any human presence! Which is something that i’m always after 😀 P.s. From this photo i did clone out about 4-5 people…but that was really all…

        1. Hehehe, guilty as charged! But with only so little people i thought they didn’t add anything to the photo… I’m either no people at all, or crowds! Since it wasn’t a crowd day, i went with the no people at all 😛 In the upcoming photos though, i can ensure you that no people deleting was done, i was actually all alone!

    1. Thank you Draco for your nice comment! 😀 Yes, yes, i felt exactly the same way! You can go out and take photos every day and you might take a lot of good ones…but then there comes a day where everything is just perfect and the photos you end up taking make the good ones look lame! 😛

  1. That’s beautiful and so different than all other photos I’ve seen from Schönbrunn. Well done!

    1. Thank you Lia 😀 😀 😀 Hahahaha…well i didn’t exactly get inside but since it was not working at the moment i managed to squeeze myself through an opening and get this shot!!!

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