The Gloriette Part II

Hello my dear friends,

  Here are a few more photos of the glorious Gloriette, before we move to my favorite part of the Schönbrunn gardens… The Palmenhaus!!! You will love it, trust me! 😉 For now enjoy some other views of the Gloriette and have a happy weekend! 😀

Gloriette II by V-Light Photography
The water was weirdly colored that day…looks really metallic…


Gloriette IV by V-Light Photography
Getting low and closer…


Gloriette III by V-Light Photography

The front face of the Gloriette bears the following inscription:


(“Erected under the reign of Emperor Joseph II and Empress Maria Theresa, 1775.”)

Gloriette V by V-Light Photography
Side view


Gloriette VI by V-Light Photography
The guardians of the Gloriette


Gloriette VII by V-Light Photography
The Gloriette has eyes that watch you from high above… o_O


All rights reserved © V-Light



11 thoughts on “The Gloriette Part II

  1. Alexandra, thanks for sharing this wonderful gallery. I like the last photo best of all. Do you use hdr? Have a wonderful week-end, do you have such a heat, too? Regards Mitza

    1. 😀 Thank you Mitza! I really like the last photo as well, can’t explain why! Yes, most of my photos are always hdr. I use it so i don’t get blown highlights in my skies 😉 We have had over 30C under shade the past few days…A bit too much for my taste…But i think it will get fresher again. Hope it’s more comfortable there! 🙂 Many greetings!

      1. I don’t know why I can’t stand such heat here as well, but in Greece the heat is more dry and you can go to the sea to cool down. We had only one day heat but since Sunday it’s rather cold and ugly. Many greetings Mitza

    1. 😀 Thank you Sue! I usually shoot kneeling down, rarely from eye-level. With the ultra wide angle lens the effect is certainly more dramatic if you get real low…

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