09.07.2015 |Two sides of a sunset, Alte Donau, Vienna, Austria
09.07.2015 | Alte Donau, Vienna, Austria


Hello again my friends,

   Yes, it’s me again, so soon! Inspiration is back and how can it not be with these amazing skies that take over Vienna every evening?… It’s been crazy o_O

   Yesterday, it was an amazing cloudy day from the get go, at around 7pm when i finally decided to go for a walk with my camera hoping to catch a nice sunset, all clouds had disappeared… I was almost ready to give up and go back home but still, i kept walking around aimlessly, cursing the clear blue sky for not being good enough for photos! At about 8pm, some clouds started to appear but still not enough to make it interesting. The sunset here is officially at 8:45pm, so i was hoping that until then the scenery might change…

   So then the wind started to get stronger, the few clouds that were present started to turn dark, rain was coming! I put on my rain jacket and got ready for action! At 8:30pm the whole sky was filled with clouds and the sun was shyly giving away some warm rays as it started to decent on the horizon. I started to run in the rain to reach a good spot to take my photos. I thought going down to the water level might be interesting and but that took some time and by then it was already 8:40pm and the sun was giving away a last but stronger blast of beauty!

   I was in the right place, at the right time! I immediately noticed, that right in front of my feet there was a fight going on between the warm and the cold, the day and the night and i was standing right in the middle… At 8:41pm, i took this shot and i can honestly say that it has been a really long time since i was so excited and emotional about a photo i took… So here it is… Nature’s masterpiece in all its glory!

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22 thoughts on “Duality

    1. Thank you Sue! 😀 Definitely, in most situations really! An hour before you could never imagine that it would end up to this. Today is very cloudy again and i’m ready to run and catch another wonderful sunset if it happens! 😉 If not, i’m still so excited about this photo, so i won’t mind…hehe! Wishing you a nice weekend 🙂

  1. You’re so funny. We all long for blue skies and you long for clouds, Alexandra. Was it really half red/half blue or did you work on it? Really great. Thanks for nominating me, dear Alexandra. I feel very honored by your kind and appreciating words. Up to now I have refused this kind of awards. Hope you’re still my friend inspite of this. Have a wonderful week-end, regards Mitza

    1. Hehehe, i can’t help it! I get so excited when i see dark clouds and especially at sunsets i can always bet they will create an extraordinary result! 😀 Yes, it really was like that, of course i did punch up the saturation to make it more dramatic but even with the naked eye you could clearly see the two sides and especially the line in the middle of the water was very obvious! I was mind-blown really… I usually refuse such awards too, it’s the first time that i actually do such a thing, that’s why i noted that it’s ok if you don’t want to do it, no hard feelings of course. I thought it would still be nice to list some people and maybe you got some extra visitors or followers from that 😀 Have a great weekend too Mitza and thank you for the comment 😀

      1. I was very touched by your kind words about me. Thank you so much for your understanding. I’m looking forward to fly to Kefalonia in some weeks.

        1. 😀 Oh, you are going again? Great! I’m sure you’ll enjoy it and take tons of photos for us to enjoy as well…hehe! Let’s see what will happen with Greece and the EU this weekend…will be very critical…

          1. I hope to bring back some good new photos which will be a little hard as we usually see the same every year and have so much to do on my piece of land, sigh..:(

    1. Thank you very much 😀 I’m kinda in love with it, i can’t hide it…Hehe! And it’s a rare feeling, cause as artists we are usually never pleased 😛

    1. Thank you very much Beatrice! 🙂 Well, i was the same position the day before when there was an even greater sunset with rainbows too cause i was inside and had just made my tea and evening snacks and i watched it all happen through my window…I cried a bit so i promised myself that i will always be ready for action around sunset time 😛 Hehe…

      1. Oh man… I can imagine! I sometimes have nightmares about seeing something amazing or being on holiday while realizing in horror that I did not bring my camera 😛 so I can totally relate!

        1. Hahahaha, that’s really a nightmare!!! My most common dream is that i’m faced with a breathtaking landscape and i do have my camera with me…but… it doesn’t focus!!! I have woken up covered in sweat cause i was trying so hard to focus…pressing the shutter button with all my strength but it just wouldn’t click…

  2. Lovely photo Alex! Being at the right place at the right time is hard work, I know – because you have to be at the right place at the WRONG time enough times that it finally becomes the RIGHT time! Your hard work turns into more and more “good luck” for you, and this proves it again. I am very proud of you Alex!

    1. Nathan!!! 😀 😀 😀 I was thinking about you recently and wondering if you are ok, so your comment makes me really happy! I will send you an email later this week 😀 Lot’s of love from the beautiful Vienna ❤

    1. 😀 I still love it…hahaha! It’s really weird for me to say that for a photo i made but i do love it! Of course i did punch up the vibrance quite a bit to make the difference between the two sides more dramatic…but it was really like that! And you can see in the new photo i just posted, that was taken a few minutes later, the colors were still there but more soft and subtle… Every minute they were changing… It was an amazing sight!

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