Heavenly Donau

09.07.2015 | Alte Donau, Vienna, Austria
09.07.2015 | Alte Donau, Vienna, Austria


Hello my dear friends,

   Here is another perspective of the same sunset that is also depicted in my last photo “Duality“. This one was taken from a bridge, not water level and it was taken about 7 minutes later. The sky was changing every minute and i was running like crazy trying to get to different locations so i can take as many different shots as i could. You don’t get such a sky every day…

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20 thoughts on “Heavenly Donau

    1. Thank you for the kind comment! 😀 It’s easy when nature gives you an amazing light, you don’t have to do much in post-process…but i do struggle a lot when i’m faced with a typical light scenario. I was also away for a few days, visited my relatives in upper Austria, climbed some mountains, took many photos…but you know, the sky was just blue, not clouds…and i really don’t know how to edit these photos…they seem so boring…even though the places were beautiful…

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