Wakeboarding into the sunset

15.07.2015 | Neue Donau, Vienna, Austria
15.07.2015 | Neue Donau, Vienna, Austria

   Summer is definitely here and Austria might not have seas but it’s blessed with beautiful lakes and rivers. In Vienna, the Danube river is an excellent alternative for the hot summer days and Viennese people sure know how to enjoy it 😀

   There is a Wakeboarding lift in the New Danube area, which i find totally cool! I stayed there and watched for a few minutes, some guys did real awesome tricks, others kept falling. I’ve also noticed quite a few girls doing this, so that was refreshing to see! Austrian girls are definitely more sporty than Greek girls… sorry to say that girls but you know it’s true! I was considered “extreme” cause i was riding a bike… Well, maybe i was a bit “extreme” cause i was running like hell and jumping off dirt mounts like there was no tomorrow! It’s the need for speed, it’s not my fault 😛 But yeah, i find it really nice to see so many girls here involved into all kinds of sports! 😀

Wakeboarding into the Sunset II by V-Light Photography
If you fall, you gotta get up and try again… but first you need to walk back to the lift 😛


 All rights reserved © V-Light


11 thoughts on “Wakeboarding into the sunset

  1. I love to go there and watch people do their thing! Even though all they do is go in circles (or squares), it’s totally fascinating. Your sunset photos are spectacular, by the way!

    1. Hehe, thank you very much 😀 Yeah, i guess it depends on the day maybe?… I’ve been there before and like you said, they were only going in circles. The last 2 times though, a few did really awesome tricks but i don’t usually carry a telephoto lens with me. I will go again and do some close ups of the people! 😀 Hopefully i’ll be lucky and stumble upon a good group again 😉

    1. Thank you Christina! Yes, unfortunately it’s true, especially in smaller cities and villages. I was told that it’s not “right” for a woman to ride a bicycle…In high-school i wasn’t allowed to play basketball cause that was only for boys and i loved basketball! That was like 15 years ago, things are better now but still there are very few sports that are being promoted! I really like that in Austria people are a lot sportier, even if they just wander, that’s also something unknown to Greeks! I’m looking forward for the winter, i always wanted to try snowboarding 😀

      1. oh my, this sounds really awkward for me… not riding a bike or playing basketball… so i’m really happy for you to be here where everybody really thinks, sporty girls are among the coolest 🙂 snowboarding is awesome but be careful, it’s not sooo easy ^.^

    1. Thank you Tina! 😀 I really wanted to do some close ups on the Wakeboarders, the light was gorgeous but i didn’t have a telephoto lens with me. I will revisit with my ancient and crappy 80-200mm and see what i can do 😀

    1. Thank you! 😀 Wow, great bmx video! I would love to be able to ride like that…but just taking photos of someone else who does this, would make me happy! Hehe!

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