Leaving Offensee and going up higher…


Hello hello, i’m back again! 😀

   Let’s pick up where we left off, shall we? The beautiful Offensee lake and the beginning of the hiking trail… So, moving forward, i couldn’t resist to take one more mirrored photo at Offensee, cause i knew that when we would return in the late afternoon, the light would be completely different.

Offensee Mirror II by V-Light Photography

   And behold, as we kept going up the trail, the hot summer sun made its appearance! The first strong rays were shooting behind the mountain…making it already uncomfortably hot ☀

The first morning rays by V-Light Photography

   2.5 hours later, after hiking up the steep trail, the view was already different! The sun was out, colors saturated, with Offensee, our starting point, looking like a little puddle of water in the distance! The feeling was amazing and all the sweat was well spent! I mean look at that 😍

Offensee from high above by V-Light Photography

   Rinnerhütte (1474 meters) was not far anymore. The trail was a lot easier now and i was looking forward for a little break before going up higher to finally enjoy my first swim in an Austrian lake! Next stop, Wildensee! Buckle up! 😀

P.s. I’m so sorry for taking so long to post these photos but just last week i learned that i must move out of my current apartment! Third time in less than a year and in such a short notice! So, i’m in the apartment search mode once again! Hopefully third time’s a charm, cause with my studies coming up, the last thing i need is having to worry about moving stuff… This whole situation feels like a joke actually, i can’t stress about it, not now that everything in my life is finally falling into place. Maybe i’m crazy but i’m zen crazy 😂 Alex out! Hayaaaaaaa!!!

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19 thoughts on “Leaving Offensee and going up higher…

    1. Thank you 😀 It won’t be easy with the apartment, most people are on vacations now, there are very few ads for WGs 😦 But i will find something…i always do at the very last moment…hahaha!

    1. Thank you Sue! 😀 I will need all the luck for sure, not easy to find a nice cheap apartment with neat and quiet roommates! 😛 My party days are over…I need to be able to relax when i’m home…

    1. I didn’t have any problems with the altitude or with the hiking as a matter of fact. I was surprised how well i managed to keep going, must be the daily walks i do in Vienna, the going up the stairs instead of using the lift and the healthier eating 🙂 I felt great and i really enjoyed conquering my first Austrian mountain! 😀 Wait to see the next photos, the lake that was up there was a dream!

  1. Why do you have to leave your appartment? That would be very interesting to know and I would be so freaked out if I had to move 3 times a year! :O

    1. Hello Kim 🙂 Thank you for your interest… Well, my first apartment was supposed to be for a short time anyway, it was a friend who wanted to help me when i left Greece to start my new life here in Vienna. Then i found one with two roommates that was only for “zwischenmiete”, that was 4 months but i thought it’s ok for the beginning cause it was cheap and close to the center and i would have time to look for something better. So then i found one with one roommate, close to the center again and i was supposed to stay in this one for at least one year…but my roommate she’s the main tenant and her contract is ending at the end of September, contacted the owner to renew her contract and he wants to raise the rent…which was already high considering that the apartment is in serious need of some renovations…so she decided not to renew it…and she will move in with her boyfriend and i must search for something else cause i can’t take over her contract and pay 2.400euros for the deposit… So i’m on the search again, hopefully whatever i find will be for at least a year this time… Moving all the time definitely sucks!

      1. Poor you! This is pretty hard and I hope that you’ll find something soon!
        I looked for 16 months for a flat, because it is so hard to find something affordable 😦

        1. Thank you 🙂 16 months? Wow…I believe you though, it’s really hard to find something nice and affordable. Do you live in Vienna as well? The prices are really high and especially at this season, where all the students are on the search as well. I like to think positive and that i will find something! I didn’t really feel comfortable in this last apartment so i don’t really mind that i have to leave it, it’s just the whole moving procedure that i hate doing all over again.

    1. Oh cool! 😀 What is a Genossenschaftswohnung? I can’t afford an apartment on my own either, that’s why i have to look for one with roommates but they can also be expensive and you get just a tiny room.

        1. I did but i still didn’t understand exactly! Haha! My German is not that great, i’ve been here only for 11 months, exactly today 🙂 But i guess i’m not entitled to it anyway cause i don’t have an income, i’m on the Mindestsicherung and will be until i complete my studies.

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