Welcome to Wildensee

Wildensee Panorama by V-Light Photography

   We are here!!! May i present to you Wildensee. Located 1535 meters above sea level, the Wildensee lake has a length of 430 meters, width 240 meters and maximum depth 44 meters.

   Imagine you’ve been hiking for about 4 hours up some steep mountainside under the hot summer sun to finally reach this little paradise! You go down the little hill, yearning to get closer to the water…and you see this…

Wildensee Panorama II by V-Light Photography

   The water is usually cold but that day it was about 20C, that’s what the few people who were there, reported in total excitement. You think to yourself, only 20 degrees Celsius??? I’ve been used to swimming in the sea, where it’s certainly a lot warmer… But then you think, you came all the way up here and you are not gonna dive in? Impossible! So strip down to your bikini and run into the crystal clear water, that is of drinking quality!  After the initial shock and a few screams, you keep swimming, mesmerized by the amazing view around you…After a few minutes you can’t feel the cold anymore and you can celebrate your victory!

V-Light in Wildensee

  You just conquered your first Austrian mountain and swam in a lake for the first time in your life!

😀 😀 😀

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14 thoughts on “Welcome to Wildensee

  1. wonderful, Alex. It looks really fantastic this landscape. I must admit, I hate cold water, which is everything under 27 degrees C. for me, hehe. Looking forward to the Mediterranean. Have fun, if you continue like this, you will become 100 years old. Kind regards Mitza

    1. Thank you dear Mitza! Hahaha.. I get what you’re saying! It was always like that for me too, growing up next to the sea! 🙂 Temperatures are rising again in Vienna and i thought that summer was nearly over.

      1. This week-end it will be hot here, too, but then the autumn is said to begin. I’m happy to leave for Greece in September and have a little swim in really warm water, some fresh grapes, watermelons etc.

    1. My pleasure 😀 It’s definitely worth a visit! I can also imagine that it must be really beautiful during spring, with loads of flowers and luscious green! 😀 The waters might be too cold for swimming though, unless you are that hardcore and you don’t mind 😛 Hehe!

  2. Congrats! The place looks amazziinn’!
    PS: do not ask me. lol. I swam in Nov, then Jan (personal record!), April, in the sea, (ok there is no winter here but still wasn’t a heat-wave though) and I am a maniac about anything water, so +25 is like too much for folks like me, who are real swimmers 😀 chilly is wonderful, it was & we could say: “sparkling” or had a “character”.. which too warm water hasn’t … 😀 Enjoy, seems you did!

    1. Hahahaha 😀 Wow! I wish i could be that brave! Never tried to swim during winter, even when i was in Greece… My best record must be showering with cold water for a few weeks, cause i just wanted to try it out 😛 But then i missed my relaxation from the hot water and i haven’t tried cold water again since! 😛 When you swim i guess you don’t feel the cold that much, so on that lake that had about 20C, i was moving all the time and that’s why i could stay comfortably for more than 15 minutes inside. If you just want to relax, it’s impossible, you’ll find the water ice cold 😛

      1. Yeah, bravery 😀 thanks but hey, we all have things we are more brave at and others well…. less 😛 Yes you feel it because you need to enter the water and to get out too etc and actually I shower regularly with cold water, all are great for blood circulation etc.. and needless to say, I wasn’t ever sick, after all those swims 😛 I guess each of us have our taste for things, I kind of relax in the chillier water too, yay I am simply crazy about water! 😀 It is okay to make pictures too you know !! 😉

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