Wildensee Reloaded

Wildensee I by V-Light Photography

   Hello hello! 😀 So i’m back with a few more photos from the amazing Wildensee lake! With the temperature raising again in Vienna, i wish i could revisit this place and refresh myself, one more time before my Graphic Design studies begin this Monday! Time goes by so fast…

Wildensee II by V-Light Photography

   The mountain on the right side, while it might seem kinda tiny through my ultra wide lens, is called Rinnerkogel (2012 meters), it’s about 1.5 hours away from Wildensee and you would need about 3 hours to climb it cause it’s quite steep. I didn’t attempt to do this, not this time but on my next visit, why not? 😀 The view from up there must be magical!

Wildensee IV by V-Light Photography

   It was actually quite an experience to lay down on the grass and not on a sandy beach as i’m used to! Most flowers were dried up but those purple bells were so beautiful and also rare if i’m not mistaken. There was certainly a kind of purple flower in the area that you are not allowed to pick. I wouldn’t dare to disturb them anyway 😀 When laying on the grass, you also need to be careful of cow dung… It’s everywhere!!! 😛 Keep that in mind on your next alpine adventure and bring a blanket!

Wildensee III by V-Light Photography

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20 thoughts on “Wildensee Reloaded

    1. Thank you very much, i appreciate your comment! 😀 I guess the last photo is a good example of how a low angle can totally change the perspective. I try to remind myself that for every eye-level shot i take, i should take one kneeling down 🙂 Usually the kneeling down ones are better!

    1. Hahahaha, i can be brutal like that! 😛 But i can assure you that it was all dried up and you couldn’t smell anything, unless you sat on one of course…

      I’m really excited to start this new chapter of my life and be a student again at 30 years of age! Will be quite an interesting experience and i’m looking forward to learn new things that i can combine with my photography! 😀

  1. these photos and the place are really beautiful and inviting, Alex. Maybe you should go there again. Have fun and a good study time, kind regards Mitza

    1. I would love to go again! 😀 Maybe a quick weekend escape if the weather still allows it in September – October! For now i want to concentrate on my studies and enjoy this opportunity that i was given 😀

  2. How clear is the water of this lake! Unbelievable! You (we) have been so lucky with the weather this year. And cow dung in the mountains is preferable to the dog shit the whole of Brussels is full of 🙂

    1. Hello dear Rich! Thank you for checking out my blog even if i haven’t been on here for all this time. I’m finally back on track and hopefully will manage to post stuff on a weekly schedule 🙂 Will go through your posts and see what i missed 🙂 Hope you are doing well! Greetings from winterly Vienna!

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