Warmth in the heart of the winter

Warmth in the heart of the winter by V-Light Photography
05.01.2016 | Palmenhaus Schönbrunn, Vienna, Austria

Hello my lovely friends,

   2016, started with snow in Vienna.❄ It started to snow exactly when the year changed but didn’t last long. Then on the 4th it snowed again and this time transformed the city in a white wonder. Viennese people seem to always complain when it snows cause it gets all yucky and brown very quickly, especially on all the main streets and parks. That’s why, one must either wake up early and go out before all the other people ruin the peaceful scenery, or just go to places where not much people go anyway.

   I thought i would revisit the Palmenhaus in Schönbrunn (click here and here to see it in its summer glory). I hoped the snow would still be fresh there, since you are not allowed to step on the grass and i was right 😀 Of course many people were there, visiting the Palmenhaus but i found my angle and a garden with no footsteps and voila 😉

   When it’s so cold, where do you find comfort? What do you like to do? Obviously, i go out and take photos as i silently scream when i’m not able to bend my fingers under the gloves anymore and successfully press the shutter-release button but still smile cause my warmth and comfort comes from knowing i’m going home to a warm cup of tea and that i also created some nice photos i can share with the world.

   Snow fascinates me! Maybe it’s because where i grew up in Greece it rarely snows and when it does it’s very little. Or maybe it’s because snow makes everything look so much different and all becomes so quiet… 😍

V-Light in the snow
Walking around the Schönbrunn gardens 😎

All rights reserved © V-Light


11 thoughts on “Warmth in the heart of the winter

  1. We had very little snow up to now. I don’t really like snow. Either it gets very slippery on the road or it melts and then it’s some kind of ugly mud. But I’m happy you like the snow, Alex, and you look very happy. Just booked my holidays in Greece and look forward to the sun. Have a wonderful week-end, kind regards Mitza

    1. Hello dear Mitza 🙂 Snow can be frustrating for a lot of people, i can understand and respect that. For me it’s still something new, so i can’t help but get excited by it! But i hope it doesn’t snow much where you are and that you are safe 🙂 Have a great week and happy new month!

      1. I can understand that you feel a bit like a child that sees snow for the first time. Fortunately we only had little snow and it was not to difficult to drive. But I remember some years ago it was always snowing, raining, freezing and I couldn’t use my car for 6 weeks. I was a bit pi….ed, heheh, sorry

        1. Well… that would be a different story…6 weeks of snow is too much… That i can imagine can be very frustrating! Especially if you can’t even get into your own car… You have every right to be pi…ed…hehe! 😛 I just want a few days of snow and then it can go again 😛

    1. Hehehe! 😀 I’m very happy to hear that!!! It did snow just a little bit again but this winter has been pretty mild, not satisfied with the very few snow! 😛

  2. I love almost everything about winter. I bought a jeep just so I could go more places in the snow! I think the winter snow and frost can make everything look new and interesting. The frozen fingers, however… I agree it can be very frustrating. I always use mittens with the removable finger covers (kind of like a flip-phone for your digits). My hands stay ten times warmer when my fingers can be next to each other, even though I’m exposing them over and over to take photos. Good luck! And thanks as always for sharing your beautiful work!

    1. Hey Nathan!!! 😀 A jeep sounds super awesome!!! Exactly what you say, snow makes everything looks different! Hmmm…I heard many positive comments about mittens…I should give them a try! Do you still post your photos on dA? I haven’t been online there for ages… Does dA has a RSS system that i can somehow get your posts without having to log in? I miss seeing your stuff…

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